One for the coaches

I have just started the ToS plan. But now have the opportunity to go to Majorca the week of the Tour. 7 days of riding, anticipating 7-8000 meters of climbing based on the routes sent by the organisers. The Queen day has 115km and 2300m of climbing. So, Coaches, you knowing what the tour route is would you say i am better off carrying on with the ToS plan or moving to another plan to best prepare? Half Monty suggests my numbers are slightly down on my last FF. I have ridden a lot of mountains over the years and i tend to get up them albeit slowly.

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I think you should ride the Tour of Sufferlandria instead of Majorca as it will make you a better person AND a better rider.

In your stead, I will go to Majorca in your place. Just send me the details and the tickets and the money and I will make this great sacrifice for you and for the glory of our great nation. You can thank me later :slight_smile:




Knighthood clearly brings privileges! :grin:

Check out Sa Calobra cycling club- I am really treating myself and will have to up my game a bit to enjoy/suffer as much as possible😀


I know some folks who have ridden Majorca and I am sooooo jealous. Enjoy!


That looks cool. Please let us know about your experience (surely there’s no way you’re ditching it for the Tour? Maybe you could ride the tour in the evening after the camp rides…)



Yes, surely they could provide trainers for your post-ride rides :joy: :joy:


I really should have updated this post months ago. Apologies.

WOW! What a truly fantastic experience.

I was a little nervous about going. After all the promise of a week a way, all inclusive, with nothing to do except cycle every day just sounded too good to be true. I need not have worried.

The 9 of us were treated like kings and queens. Bike, power meter, wahoo bolt, all energy drinks and foods for rides provided. As was the excellent cycling kit. Bike fitted according to measurements sent over. Fantastic breakfasts, protein drink and great lunch post ride, kit collected and washed while you have your daily massage :slight_smile: and then great food in the evenings cooked but the in-house chef with a focus on fresh ingredients and protein and energy for recovery. First class coffee. Wines and beers on tap. The list goes on.

Oh yes, the riding :))

Before we got going everyone did a ramp test to establish their ftp. No 4dp but ball park figure allowing Aurelian, the lead host and owner of a 28 min time up Sa Calobra, to set zones for training in the week ahead. A week with 500km of riding and 8000m of climbing. Some of you know how fantastic the riding is in Majorca and will also recognise the rides.

There are the main ones of course, Sa Calobra, Puig Major, Cap de Formentor, but also may not so well known climbs such as Sa Gramola, Coll des Pi, Bastida, Claret Es Grau, etc. The steep descent to Valdemosa, a sinuous series of switchbacks , down to the sea, and then the challenging climb back up will linger long in the memory. The most “fun” and the one that will appeal to the sufferlandrian was the ITT up Sa Calobra. Our individual set off times were dictated by the ftp test and measure improvements over the week. Despite being the eldest I set off 2nd last with 4 1/2 minutes to verbal to take first. I set off very fast. The rider a minute in front of me was very strong and had a habit of hanging onto me on other climbs sometimes pulling away near the end. I had to break him and in my head knew I had to power past him and break him psychologically. He tells me it worked :slight_smile: But I had gone off too hard and couldn’t quite catch the first rider. Still, it was huge fun.

I will try and post some photos in a further post.

I cannot finish without saying that the atmosphere, amongst a group from all over Europe, that didn’t know each other before hand was simply amazing.I put that down to Aurelian and his team who, somehow effortlessly, managed to make each of us feel special, part of something bigger and jut as valuable a part of it as anyone else no matter how strong a rider they were. We all remain in contact months later over WhatsApp, celebrating each other’s rides and achievements in the real world.

I think one or two of you may now be joining Sa Calobra either in Majorca or Morzine. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Or indeed from anyone else.


Thanks Bob - on the back of your earlier post I checked it out and am signed up for next year in Mallorca.