The Happy Training Plan

So today I tried the Full Frontal on the Tour of Sufferlandria post-tour plan.
I was feeling rather tired and having been feeling “meh” the past week - a long lockdown, kids at home all day, etc, etc.
Managed to do the 10s full power sections OK. Got into the 5 minute MAP test. And then got off the bike. I couldn’t get the gears sorted - the power kept surging and drifting down (yes, the cadence was constant!) and I simply wasn’t feeling it.

And right now I’d love to put another training plan in, but I have no goal and frankly don’t feel I want one. So rather than killing myself for just getting slightly fitter, I’d instead enjoy a Happy Training Plan. Designed to get me feeling good, with plenty of yoga and a couple of sections that simply say “get outside today and do whatever you feel like”. Perhaps the sessions could include fewer absolute killers (although personally I love the rhythm of Team Scream… perhaps at 90% :wink: ) and rather more pootling around scenery watching Mike Cotty standing on his bike and jabbering away about the local cows.

Any thoughts on getting one of these in?

How about putting a yoga plan on the calendar, during the week do a couple of rides, whatever you feel like that day, and get outside at the weekends?


I think Alistair’s suggestion is very good.

If you haven’t already, definitely check out Recharger. Always leaves me with a big smile. When I get to the end I generally end up rewinding so I can do the cadence and power pyramids a second time - so much fun!

Maybe try Norway as a “similar to” Team Scream, but perhaps lower the intensity a bit?


I agree with @Alistair_Brown and @JohnK but would also add the suggestion that you could make Team Scream your goal and build around it. Set a target and then either chose a plan or just select workouts based on achieving your goal. I have done this a few times throughout the pandemic. Late fall my target was a bike race outdoors. The race had been cancelled due to the pandemic but the course was on Strava and so I grabbed a friend and we completed it. This winter I set KOS as a goal and then moved on to TOS. Anything works - big or small - and it helps to keep yourself focused on something. Good luck!


All these are decent ideas - thank you. I do struggle without a plan (it’s far too easy to not do a session unless it’s in a diary) so perhaps something homebrewed would work.

That said, I’d love the Sufferfest to provide an off-brand plan for those who need a not-suffering but not-couch month… :slight_smile:


I am best motivated by a plan too. For a spell last year I just made sure I did 2-3 of the rides to improve my weakness, and for the rest of the time I did whatever I wanted on the day, including taking it off if life got in the way. I got good gains from not a lot of work

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