Order of the workouts on ToS multistage days

This is my first time doing the Tour. Are we supposed to complete the workouts on multistage days in the order they are posted?

Welcome to the tour @Jsaylor !

We are supposed to complete the workouts in the order listed. However, as far as actually completing the tour goes, as long as you do each stage within the 50 hour window, you’ll be good.

There is some more information here:


And if you log into the website and go to the Challenges section, you can see the opening and closing times for each stage.

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The link to the Challenges page is: https://app.thesufferfest.com/challenges

After you’ve logged in, joined the ToS challenge, and selected ‘See Progress’, you should see something like this:

As you complete each workout, you’ll get a green tick against it. It’s still Feb 13 here, so I haven’t yet started.

Thanks! I’ve completed Primers, joined the tour challenge, so I’m all set for tomorrow.

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