Order of workouts in SUF Training Plan

Right now and for the rest of the year I am planning on doing triathlon training plans in order to boost my goals in this sport.

I have a question about the order of planned workouts on a specific day.
In general the run workouts come after the bike portion. Except on a few occasions it looks like this:

While I do think this switched up order with running before biking is on purpose, I am thrown off a bit by the name of the workout and the coach notes. Both say „off the bike…“ and „after your bike“.

For reference: It‘s an olympic distance, novice, plan with yoga on a Rouleur 4DP profile.

The few times I already encountered this switch up I thoroughly enjoyed doing my run workout first. It‘s a nice change of pace and a completely different challenge for myself.

I suspect it‘s just an mix up in the naming scheme and notes or maybe the system is not up to the task of renaming these?

Did you encounter something similar? How do you tackle these days?

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I believe that the order on the calendar may not always be accurate. check the coach’s notes for clarification

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Hi @Pierre- great question about the order of workings in training plan! We like to keep you on your toes in Sufferlandria, so every once in a while we like to change things up. The best advice is to always follow the coach notes! This “off the bike run” does include the coach note that you should bike first as a warmup- and once you’re off the bike, do your run session. The order in the training calendar isn’t the correct order. I recommend that, when you have more than one workout in a day, check to see if there are coach notes specifying the order. Cheers!

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Thanks @ellisa.podemski for the clarification.

„Trust the notes“ is all I needed to hear.