Workouts in the calendar - execution order

Hi. Sometimes in the calendar I get strenght and yoga before the bike workouts or like in the picture between the 2 bike WO I’ve choosen. Is this right? Should I execute them always in the calendar order or do strenght and yoga at the end of a bike WO.

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Pretty sure that they generally lost in the order they’re populated, though some of the yoga sessions give you an idea where they should be done “pre-ride”, “cooldown”, “morning”, “shake off the day”, etc.

What I find strange is two strength workouts in one day. I don’t think they are supposed to be used that way. What say you Coach @Coach.Spencer.R ?
As to the ‘normal’ way to do workouts first you do strength and then ride. Yoga is a different thing. If you have an obvious pre-ride workout, that’s when you do it. If it is obviously post ride, then that’s when you do it. Some are not obvious or can be done before or after. Then it is your choice unless there are Coach’s Notes.

Can’t say I’ve had any strength plan go two in one day.

This looks like you are running 2 plans at the same time. I get Found In America and Beat Thing in the World together (I’d do BTITW first), but both with strength? That’s a rough day and who has time for all that?

@SSaldanha I agree with @ErickT. That looks like two plans are on top of each other as the focus is different. I would suggest either doing the strength workouts together - either order, waiting 4 hours and then doing the endurance ride. Other wise just do BTITW and perhaps some core but nothing else. I guess it depends on what you did yesterday and have scheduled for tomorrow as well.

Well…first do them in the order they appear. Then do the strength and yoga at the end. Then do that in reverse. Then do Violator (or Kitchen Sink).

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Dont think so. I pushed both cycling WO first and then the Strenght ones just got in the middle.

That was just me pullig workouts for today instead of doing a 4h outdoor ride as usual. What I would like is to understand the logic of Systm pilling bike and yoga and strenght. If theres a logic ill do the WO by the order in the calendar if not ill just pick my order.

I´m not folowing a plan I´m just selecting WO mainly from the mountainbike plan and setting some of them in my calendar where I usualy have one online Team Time Trial on tuedays at RGT Cycling and 4 hours group rides on saturdays and sundays but this saturday I skipped the outdoor ride and choose the workouts in the image above.

Apreciatte the advice. Today I usualy have a 4h outdoor ride and those 4 WO didnt seem very hard to do but I ended sleeping a bit more and only made 1 WO of each (1 cycling and 1 strenght).

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I do apreciate a joke!


I would do the riding workouts as primary to any other workouts on offer. Intervals after a active recovery intensity type ride. Endurance, inspiration and sustained efforts type of rides after an interval intensive type ride.

I would do strength after riding and before yoga. And you don’t have any mental training. Do that post training shower.

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There is a logic to the strength and yoga in the plans - they seem to build of each other to improve mobility and recovery.

In the plans the coaches usually pair strength with a recovery ride, cadence builds, or a climbing workout like Goat. You really don’t want to do TBTITW and strength on the same day. Legs will be :fire:

Just tested pulling Igniter (activator wo) 1st then pulled Half is easy (speed wo) and last pulled was A Dogs life (active Recovery) and in the calendar they jus appear in a different order getting the activator Igniter last and Half is easy the hardest of them all in 1st place and in between the recovey WO. For me it doesnt make much sense this way. My order was warmup 1st themn the hard WO then the active recovery/cool down WO :roll_eyes:

And some more adding to the calendar just shows that theres non logic in the order. Not by addition order or alphabetic or type of workout. Just see the image. All 3 mondays Ive picked first the strenght WO and then Primers to do before my tuesday TTT. On 2 mondays it gets strenght before cycling and one monday the other way around.

Hi, there isn’t a logic currently to manually adding workouts, so it’s all up to you.

Don’t try reading into the order that you add, or the order that appear in.

If you add a plan, and that plan had multiple workouts on a single day, you may get ‘Coaching notes’ that advises on order, but otherwise, is all up to you.


Yep got there. Hope this is a feature to get in the calendar too, some logic in the order WO are displayed. I´m adding igniter to the days I have some hard WO because I need an extended warmup and sometimes igniter goes befiore as supposed but sometimes its stuck after the main workout.

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Despite the conclusion reached in this thread that the order of moved activities is in your control, it does not seem to be correct. I cannot arbitrarily reorder the activities. Has anybody figured this out?

I cannot force the order of mobility, strength, or even workouts to the order that I would like.