SYSTM shows less data than vanilla Wahoo app

If I record a workout in my Wahoo app on my phone (just riding, no program/class) then I can see things like my L/R split and times spent in each heart rate and power zone. If I do a workout on SYSTM, then it seems like this info isn’t visible anywhere in the workout summary/history, either on the SYSTM app or on the vanilla Wahoo app. I took a 4DP test yesterday and would have liked to have seen my L/R split across the various efforts, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Anyone know if there’s a way to see this data for classes taken in SYSTM? I’m using Assioma duos and as I said the info gets captured when I just take a normal ride and record it on the Wahoo app, so I have to imagine it’s being captured.


Yeah just recently posted on this re: my Rival watch. There seems to be a lot of data capture that Wahoo COULD display, but either can’t or won’t for some reason(s). Unfortunately I’ve no idea how you could access and query data packets from the SYSTM app, since they’re not saved locally to a cache.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe there is? I plugged my watch into my laptop and was able to extract data packets as .fit, which showed me more than I could get from the interface. There IS an option to export a SYSTM workout as a .fit, right? Via email or something? It wouldn’t be pretty - and depending on your system you might need an app to parse the raw data, but if what you’re looking for was collected (like in the Wahoo app), then it would be there.

No idea if SYSTM collects the data you’re looking for, in this instance, but worth a shot?


If you link your SYSTM account to a free TrainingPeaks account, then it will upload the workout data there, and you can download the raw data files to use elsewhere (e.g., or Golden Cheetah). You can see the other apps you can link SYSTM to in the “Settings” → “Authorized Apps” menu.

I don’t know if it captures L/R data, as I don’t have dual power meters, but it does include time in zone, etc.

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Thank you both, I went ahead and created a Training Peaks account and that seems to do the trick for the zones. It doesn’t appear to capture the L/R data as far as I can tell, but I’m also brand new to the platform so it’s entirely possible I’m missing an option somewhere.

As for exporting the FIT file, the only way to do that is from the vanilla Wahoo app, which already has the workout logged without the L/R or zone data displaying (so I’d be sharing the .fit file from Wahoo and then loading it back into itself).

Seems like it’s an issue with how SYSTM captures L/R data, if at all, and then also with how both apps display zone data for workouts logged using SYSTM.


Not only do I agree that Wahoo should include L/R data in its workout data, but having recently tested out a new cycling platform which displays live L/R data live on screen, I have found that this has dramatically improved my L/R balance. I wonder whether Wahoo would also consider providing this option in System and RGT.


I have a premium TP account and it displays L/R data.

For me Training Peaks shows L/R data for workouts recorded in Wahoo but not for the workouts recorded in SYSTM. Are you seeing the data for your SYSTM rides on Training Peaks?

There are currently multiple different “histories” in the Wahoo ecosystem:

SYSTM history (beta) → all activities, most technical information
SYSTM history → only SYSTM activities
ELEMNT companion app history → all activities
Wahoo Fitness app history (beta) → all activities
ELEMNT device history → only device recordings
RGT app history → only RGT recordings

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I think that one of the minions could look at what the SYSTM app saves to the .fit files and answer this.

If they are too busy doing more important things (and we have to remember that SYSTM is primarily an indoor trainer app and most trainers do not use power measurement technology that separates left/right contributions), I have Assioma pedals on my outdoor road bike, and will be moving them temporarily to a new gravel bike to dual-record and compare the Assioma pedal numbers with the SRAM spider-based power meter. A few days before the new bike arrives, I’ll switch the pedals to my trainer and do a few rides recording the Assiomas in SYSTM, and I’ll inspect the .fit file to see if the balance info is saved by SYSTM or not. If the minions don’t answer, I’ll post the answer here.

The bicycles I use for SYSTM rides do not report L/R data, only my road bicycle does. Hence, I could only possibly see L/R data for road rides, so I do not know about SYSTM rides.

Heretic’s reply jogged my thinking, and I remembered that I have recorded recent outdoor rides on SYSTM and I checked a couple of the fit files downloaded from Wahoo.

Using Android and bluetooth to connect to the Assioma Duo pedals, SYSTM-created .fit files do not appear to contain L/R split information in either the session data or the track data records. I know that Assioma does not report cycling dynamics data over bluetooth, only over ANT+. It may be that they also omit the power balance stuff.

@Lukaku this is in either SYSTM history (beta) or non-beta, or the Wahoo Fitness app history, I don’t have an actual Wahoo device and am using my iPhone or Mac with these apps to record my sessions. The SYSTM histories (beta and non-beta) do not show L/R data for any rides, SYSTM or non-SYSTM, but do show time in HR and power zones for non-SYSTM rides (but not for SYSTM rides).

@CraigM I have asked the minions about another issue with the zone displays for my non-SYSTM rides (they don’t seem to show anything in my zone 6 even when I’m spending time there, and all of my zone 6 time is allocated to zone 5), but now that I’ve done some SYSTM rides and realized this issue I have tacked this on to my ticket - they’ve been really responsive so far but nothing yet since I added this issue a few hours ago, so we’ll see what they say tomorrow. Given that my Assiomas transmit the L/R data over bluetooth for non-SYSTM rides when I just ride in the Wahoo app, I don’t think it’s a transmission issue, I think it’s just SYSTM not recording the data for some reason.

Please do keep us posted on this! I haven’t put power meter(s) on my outside bikes as yet, but may have some $$$ in the near future to do so. No idea which way to go.



Can you load the SYSTM workout with the Windows software ELEMNTviewer to confirm that LR balance data was not recorded?

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Not an ideal solution by any means, but if your power meter supports simultaneous connections, you could potentially do a workout in SYSTM on your main device, and also record the session in the Wahoo app on your phone, then try to “automerge” the workouts in Training Peaks afterwards?

I haven’t done this myself but potentially an option if it works:

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@Namaku That must be a new feature. Previously TP required downloading and deleting one record and then uploading and merging.

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Update - I did a short warmup with the Assiomas connected to SYSTM over ANT+.
The fit file downloaded from SYSTM does NOT appear to contain L/R balance info in the track or session data records. This makes sense, since most trainers don’t report this info, so it is of limited relevance to SYSTM developers and users.

My pain cave is an ANT+ nightmare with multiple bluetooth devices, wireless keyboards and mice, and a wireless router, and I had a several second power/cadence dropout, but I can’t see how that would influence what fields are in the file.

Yeah I think at this point it’s pretty clear that SYSTM just isn’t reporting/capturing all of the fields other Wahoo devices do. Seems like it should be a relatively easy fix, but nothing that you can do about it if you want to record your ride while using SYSTM.

@Namaku unfortunately I don’t think the Assiomas support multiple bluetooth connections. Maybe I could get an ANT receiver for my computer and record SYSTM that way and then also record it via bluetooth on my phone, but at that point it’s getting to be a pretty big hassle.

I thought Assiomas did support two Bluetooth connections, but I just tried and it appears not. I don’t believe Assioma transmits all of the cycling dynamics data it calculates over Bluetooth, just ANT+.

A good, fairly recent summary of several power meter pedals’ capabilities and attributes is at

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@CraigM Assiomas definitely transmit most of this over Bluetooth (at least L/R data), since I’ve only ever connected them via Bluetooth and that’s how I got the extra info on my non-SYSTM rides with the vanilla Wahoo app in the first place.

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