Outdoor workouts on Wahoo

+1 for being able to directly sync outdoor workouts to Elemnt.

As the weather has gotten nicer here, I find myself riding outside much more often and using Suf much less.

Would love to see Suf take more of an interest in outdoor workouts - syncs to head units, more plans around outdoor rides, more outdoor workouts or ways to take Suf indoor workouts outdoors… more guidance or an article on group rides… plans/guidance that includes multiple races in a block of workouts… things like that.


OK this is a bit of a hack, and will only work if you have ridden a SUF workout in the past.

Sign up to intervals.icu
Sync the activity
Create a workout from the activity by opening the workouts folder and dragging the activity into the workouts window.
You can now export the workout as .mrc/.zwo etc. (it will be as % of FTP so make sure your numbers on your elemnt match you SUF FTP.)

Voila - SUF workout on Elemnt. It’s not perfect, you might loose some resolution as intervals.icu will smooth some of the changes, you can easily build the workout back up though using intuitive text fields in the workout builder.


An example below, obviously the %'s are unique to my 4DP so you need to do your own homework - and set your FTP in intervals.icu, and on the elemnt according to SUF.


Great hack!!

I wanted this also for a very Long time and tried it on trainerroad… what should i say?
40/20 and stuff like this makes more sense on an indoor trainer (at least for me). As for 3x30 tempo … well, i can keep this even in my tiny brain (even with fancy stuff like a mid interval surge :stuck_out_tongue:)
So after wanting it for soooo long and having tried it with trainerroad trial now… no need for me anymore :wink:

Do the targets match those that are used in The Sufferfest app? I’d like to sync Sufferfest workouts to my Garmin to do the majority of them entirely outdoors. As I have access to an outdoor velodrome, it provides a great space for doing workouts.

I’ve manually created Half is Easy on my Garmin, and it worked a treat, but that’s a lot of work! And still wasn’t easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Use Training Peaks tool to design the workout, and then upload it to your head unit. Save it in your training peak library if you will need it later again

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agree with this feature request. If I ride outside as a substitute for a planned indoor workout SYSTM should be able to sync to Wahoo or Strava and put the work I did on my calendar.


Definitely +1 for this, TrainerRoad has this nailed, a simple inside/outside option. I love Wahoo as a brand and my head unit but if they don’t sort this I may go back to TR.


Honestly, even if they just did an “export as FIT file” so you can copy onto your head unit, that would be sufficient, and it technically wouldn’t be difficult, since the app already writes out FIT files. And that should work on pretty much any decent head unit.

I’m happy with the app but don’t understand why there is no sync with my Bolt. This needs to be changed

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“Wahoo x, the only training system you need” - Wahoo … unless it’s summer … and you want to train outside … can we bump this feature again?!


Again and again we ask for this feature and are promised it’s coming. It’s fricking ridiculous how many times it has been delayed for some other stuff. FFS @David.McQuillen.KoS PLEASE give us a date! Seriously considering cancelling my subscription over the summer, maybe I’ll come back in November, maybe I will go Zwift …


It’s sunny - I just want a simple way to do the session outside, you know, like TrainerRoad does - hit the button and it sends it to my Wahoo head unit. I love Wahoo but this is seriously dragging on. and on. and on…

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Hey, guess what, it’s been two years, and this is still not a thing, as far as I can tell. To be honest, it makes Wahoo training plans 100% worthless. I ride outside 5-6 days a week, since, you know, summer, but some days I want to do a hard hour on the trainer, but it has zero ability to see of the rides I’ve done that are uploaded at Strava and Garmin Connect.
It makes your workout plans 100% worthless.

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I want to state that you can add my tally to this call list. Specifically for me I want to see my outdoor rides that I do sync up in Wahoo Systm instead of having to travel to Training Peaks or Interval.icu. Thank You!


I’m surprised more people haven’t given their vote, but add me to the list too.

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