Outdoors with a Roam

My new toy for this season is an ELEMNT Roam (v1) computer to replace my very basic Garmin Edge 130 whose battery was starting to fade.

After trying a few SYSTM workouts outdoors, I’m wondering how others manage the inevitable conflicts between the power called for in an interval and the terrain.

The loop that I use for workouts is over very gently rolling terrain. It’s difficult to stay anywhere close to the 50% or less of FTP that’s called for during a recovery interval if the grade is even slightly up; one very easily gets into tempo or even above threshold. So, just coast for a bit to average things out? Or just do the best that you can with gear changes, even if that means a lot more shifting from big to small ring than I would do normally?

The opposite also occurs, hitting a slight downhill just as an MAP or AC interval is called for, although this is a more easily managed with cadence and a higher gear.

Prior to getting the Roam, I would just plan a workout around the terrain, i.e., do MAP, AC, or NM efforts where I know there is a slight, steady upgrade and recovery where it turns slightly down.

I’m curious to know what other’s experience is with this.


I do workouts outside. You HAVE to pick the terrain based on the workout. For some workouts Imliterally do a 60min zone 2 warmup ride to get to a flat enough road and ride it repeatedly until the workout is done then ride home.

I find a flat road is better for FTP work…you can ride it like a TT.
A steady climb is good for VO2. It doesnt have to be a long climb…just 4-5 minutes worth at your VO2 max. Also good for sprints.

Zone 2 and even tempo work you can do almost anywhere with patience and judicious use of gearing and cadence. :+1:


@Salsa For longer workouts I stick to Endurance stuff that isn’t too complicated. For shorter workouts I usually do sprint work and often in a place where it is safe, flat and where I can do loops.