Pain-Cave Art and other Graphics

I’m looking for fun artwork to decorate my pain-cave with - other than a sufferlandrian flag (when available) - and throw on the backdrop of my computer screen.

Looking through some Wahoo Media Kit stuff, I put together my first A4 “poster”. Since the picture itself is fair use, I think it’s save to share, if anybody is interested.

Maybe we can collect a few fun things or get some ideas together. It‘s possible I can cook up a picture or two.

Please be aware: Copyright is a tricky thing. Posts in here will be deleted fast and loose. There are many creative common licensing pictures available. Please document your source.
We’ll see if it works or if this topic is a bad idea - I’m torn between both options.

So… Anything to show and share? Ideas? Wishes?

Maybe this topic is also good for some graphic-y discussions.

Can’t wait for my sons to grow up a little. Just enough for me to make some cool sports shots and ditch stock footage. :slight_smile:


Made by me with Wahoo Source Material.


@Pierre My pain cave has two posters from:

The Handmade Cyclist

I have an ‘88 Giro D’Italia poster - the year that Andy Hampsten won - and also a Paris Roubaix poster.

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Pierre, That’s a nice image - the Wahooligan logo works really well on it.

I like the posters here, especially the “Like going downhill the other way”:
Does anyone know if they actually are downoadable? Maybe that was a bit of Minion humour?

If anyone looking for freely usable photos, Unsplash is a good resouce:

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I have some old Jerseys of mine framed to remind me of the time when I was strong - whether it helps or not? I don’t know.
No space for posters though but if you’re looking for some SUF memorabilia have a look at Redbubbleß-von-joemordens/45843438.593ZA

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It’s not what you’re asking for, but I have one lone poster up in my cave. It needs no explanation really.

I think the only genuine Sufferfest stuff on Redbubble is here:

From what Sir David says, I think everything else is a pirated copy:


@JohnK :+1: thanks for getting it right

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I’m a big fan of Unsplash. I discovered them when I moved from Adobe to Affinity. They offer a pretty nice integrated solution. Plus, Unsplash has an iOS app, which is fun to use and discover.

@JSampson: I like what I see. Thank you for introducing me to “Handmade Cyclist”.

I’m looking to create a few homages to athletes I look up to. At the moment the ideas and rough drafts are still a mess. :slight_smile:

EDIT: One more, with Wahoo Elemnt Rival slogan and some custom triathlon pictures. Made by me, I’m bored:


I could not think of a better pain cave art than a wallpaper of the “Velominati Rules”.
Unfortunately there is no option to buy this from stock.


This is glorious.

Wow, this is really cool. Kudos to @superbee