Plan to maintain fitness?

I just finished the General Fitness plan and am almost finished the ToS (focused option). My question is: is there a plan I can use to maintain my fitness? I looked around in the website, but didn’t see a plan to maintain fitness, but I could have missed it. Building Blocks or start over with All Purpose? When I took the 4DP test I was classified as a Rouluer, I was flagged as needing to work on my AC. Thanks very much for any info/advice. Regards, George

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If you don’t have a specific focus, you can always keep using the general fitness plans, which will continue to be tailored to address your weaknesses. So this round’s plan might be AC-heavy, whereas next time it could be more MAP (you know…like this year’s ToS. OUCH).

You can certainly use building blocks as well to manually target your weak areas (or improve on your strengths, whatever you want).

When I was starting out I also imagined events I would LIKE to train for (which obv. weren’t happening during COVID) and do a plan for that. If you have the time, why not TRAIN to ride a century? Knowing that when you’ve completed the plan you COULD do one?

Or incorporate outdoor rides into a SUF plan through the warmer months (assuming you’re northern hemisphere).

Good luck!


CPT_A Thanks very much for the good advice. I like those choices. Regards, George