Planning for 2021

Just curious what suggestions anyone has for planning for 2021. I know it’s a long ways away and anything could happen between now and then, but I enjoy thinking about it and having some ideas in place.

I’d like to be in peak fitness shape in July 2021 for criterium racing. I was thinking of shooting to begin the in-season criterium plan around April but wondering how to plan out October through March. I’ve been resting the last few weeks after some injury issues and am slowly easing back into things (following the Suf article advice on this).

Definitely lost some fitness and wanting to take things slowly to start. I have some structured training background but not a ton. Just a cat 5 newbie. Was riding 6ish hours a week earlier this year.

Fitness Kickstarter? Building blocks? General plan? Thanks!

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Here’s a couple of suggestions. I’d add in strength, yoga, MTP too.

Fitness Kickstarter > General Road > Rest week > Speed Demon > In-Season Criterium

General Road > Tour Of SUF Prep Plan > TOS > PostTour > In-Season Criterium


Hey Steve,
It is always great to plan ahead! If you have been resting for a bit I would say the kick-starter is a great place to start followed by a general road. Then depending how things are going you could consider some building blocks?
Alternatively if you are struggling and would like something more tailored and personalised, check out our customised plans :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to 2021. I’ve given up hope on getting into some high profile races since all the 2020 deferrals will take most of those spots. I’m looking forward to some local and regional gravel races next year. Quarantine has been good in a way for me sense it made me focus on the extra things like strength training and yoga. The All-In plan was a great way to spend quarantine with group rides banned in my area.

Hopefully some higher profile bucket list events will have some openings in 2022 like DK200 or Leadville 100.

I’m loving the calendar feature in Sufferfest.