post-ToS plan

I know there are a couple stages to go before it’s time for the post-tour plan but I’m already looking ahead (gotta make sure I get a head start before any Couchlandrian tendencies settle in!)

The training plans are really clear – exhausted, moderately fatigued, or feeling fresh. I’m sure I’ll be feeling exhausted directly after Stage 7 no matter what, so does anyone have any tips on how to really tell what I should do?

What options are you doing, and why?


I for one am taking a week off the bike so it can have it’s spring tune-up, while I let @abicarver tie me in knots all week. Planning some sort of “Pretzel Tour of Sufferlandria”. Then I’m going to devote the rest of March to a prep plan to refresh my 4DP with a HM and FF before my outdoor season “offically” kicks off.


I already have cramps in my hammies. I’ll definitely be doing lots of recovery efforts and yoga.


I was wondering the same thing, but after looking at the plan details I am leaning toward the “feeling fresh” plan despite knowing that I won’t feel fresh on Saturday afternoon. I expect I will feel fresh a couple of days later. I will probably keep Sunday’s ride < 50% FTP just to give a little more recovery. I will add in yoga, which I have missed this week.

I also prefer to be on a bicycle for my recovery, so the feeling fresh had a bit more time on the saddle. It mentally feels good to me to be on the bike. Thus, I suspect I would be bored with the other plans, even if they may be superior for my recovery. I know my sprinter profile lists VO2 as my weakness, though perhaps not-sufficiently-recovering-before-suffering could be my real weakness?


I can’t see these plans??

Plans → Cycling → Tour of Sufferlandria → Post-Tour-Testing → choice of [Exhausted, Moderately Fatigued, or Feeling Fresh] → Preview your Plan → View Schedule



I’m also looking ahead at the post tour plan and can see it has both types of test quite close together at the end. I’ve only ever done one or the other (4DP or Ramp Test) before/after a training block.

Does anyone know what the advantages of doing both are and won’t the 4DP test numbers be skewed lower after your legs have been battered in a ramp test just a few days beforehand?


You can recover from the ramp test reasonably quickly, and if you’ve made gains then half monty will give you a set of targets to aim for in Full Frontal


Ah yes that makes sense, I guess you would have a much better sense of your MAP and FTP levels going into the 4DP test :thinking: Thanks! :+1:


+1. I use the mid-week HM to set targets for the weekend FF.

:+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


I want to do a MAP focused block before doing a fitness test, so I set my calendar up by adding that plan starting in 2 Mondays, then moved the rest week up to next week.

ToS has been enough of a “MAP focused block” for me…


I’m gonna need a NAP focused block next week.


If you’re unsure of which plan to try, might I suggest doing a recovery spin on Sunday to see how you feel. I’m sure everyone will feel exhausted immediately after finishing, which is usually a bad time to make a decision. It’s like when you finish a race and say “I’m NEVER doing that again!” and then sign up for the following year’s race again the next week. A recovery spin might give you a sense of how your legs feel and how your heart rate responds. Recover well!


Great advice. Just finished tour at 100%. Im exhausted. Will do a recovery ride tomorrow.


I’ve set up the next few weeks to finish the “On Location” then “A week with”.


Just to circle back, here’s what I ended up going with for my post-ToS-rest-of-March plan(s):

  • week 1 - stretching and recovery this week, aka the @abicarver “pretzel tour of sufferlandria” (PToS), aka the bike is getting its spring tune-up

  • week 2 - taper week of a (crit) racing plan

  • week 3 - HM/FF prep plan with tests

  • week 4 - A week with @Coach.Neal.H on fresh numbers, then back on the road over the weekend!

See you on the road! :wink:


That sounds better than my recovery plan:

  • Day 1 - Add post-TOS plan to my calendar

  • Day 2 - Ignore post-TOS plan and create a way-too-ambitious-plan for the rest of the month

  • Day 3 - Begin way-too-ambitious-plan

  • Rest of the Month - Regrets, regrets, more regrets :man_facepalming:



TBF, that sounds a lot like my rough draft.

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