Wishlist for new video: 1.0 hours max effort (FTP)

I would like to use the opportunity to propose a video that aims at delivering max effort for 1 straight hour.
I would just like to see that FTP value in my records list and then be able to compare it against the Half Monty and/or 4DP results.
Now, you could say that I just could do it on my own, take the open 60 and run with it.
But I noticed that (at least for me (Attacker type btw)) it is easier to vary the output a bit. If I have to do adopt the output by myself with no guidance, I just don’t know with which number I will end up.
Team Scream does a good job there, but it is just a few minutes short of that full hour. Furthermore, I would probably prefer it a bit more equalized (e.g skip the break of switching from front to 5th position).

To summarize it: I actually don’t want an FTP-test type of video. Give all you have for one straight hour and you see your score afterward, but the vice-versa. If I say, start the video in ERG mode at 100%, I will end up with the FTP.
Plus, I would like the Sufferfest/Wahoo science team to develop (if that is possible for a wide range of riders) the “optimal” strategy and combination of higher and lower effort sections within that hour in order to maximize average output for that hour.
Including the warm-up and cool-down phase it would result in a ~75-80 minute video.


I think maybe you are requesting a feature in narrow demand here, and one that is hard to accomdate. My impression is that even within the different rider types, the optimal strategy is bound to differ a lot based on individual preference.

If what you ultimately want to achieve is a recording in your badass power records, my approach to obtain that would be to select a NoVid session of the appropriate length, disable instructions, turn on some great music and a motivating race video and then just go level mode for an hour.

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Don’t forget your FTP isn’t your 1 hour power. It’s often touted as correlating to approximately the power you could hold for an hour. But it can range from something like 45-70 minutes (don’t quote me exactly on those numbers).

FTP relates to certain physiological measures.

One other thing is even if for you it is an hour, there’s a myriad of reasons why you couldn’t actually hold it for an hour. So you’d likely just end up smashing yourself for an hour and ending up with a number that’s actually less accurate than the estimate from the 20’ effort.

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You might be right that there is no such thing as the “optimal” strategy for each rider. But I think that we can establish the fact, that too much variation in power is not the ideal strategy (e.g. sprint after sprint). Also, a flat line without variation is probably not the best strategy. If we approach it from a mathematical point of view, this means that there needs to be an inner optimum.
Now I dont have any idea how that could look like and also how different such a strategy would look for different riders. My expection is, however, that there could be some common grounds. And based on that common ground, a workout could be developed.
As mentioned above, it is not about achieving a new badass power record. It is more about developing / training the feeling for what it acctually means to deliver XXX Watts for an hour and how to optimize for that.
Team Scream gets, in my opionion pretty close to that, but there is still some improvements, especially regarding these breaks when swithing to 5th position.
NoVid would do as well, thats right. But I’m also not aware of such session.

@AndM can you add this to the feature requests list and we’ll get behind it with Votes as well.

I’ve never asked fir it but I do exactly what you’re talking about from time to time … and I sometimes use team scream and just rewind (but I’d also prefer not to drop to the same lower levels of power in that) and sometimes I use ISLTA and rewind bits of that.

It would be better to not have to rewind and have a specific one.

Top plan.

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Ps reading the other comments. fir me this isn’t about numbers in the system … it is literally just about seeing how well I can do indoors when pushing for an hour … but with the support of an engaging video.

I’d even take ISLAGIATT /ISLTA modified so I don’t have to mess around with controls …

That’s a good point. It didn’t find that features list. I wasn’t aware that features include workouts as well.

I agree this is an interesting thought. And like you say, team scream gets close but not fully there, I agree (for myself it is approx 40W below my highest recorded all out hour)

But I think maybe regarding the 5th position “rests” in TS, for some it could be the difference between making or breaking it.

What about doing TS in level mode with self imposed higher intensity during 5th pos, and then at some point quickly pause and rewind to make it a full hour?

Thats right. Also, as Sir aerobrain mentioned, FTP doesnt necessarly means 1 hour. But that 1 hour delivered power marker you get at the end of the workout is the only (for me) easy to get indicator of my average power without warm-up and cool-down.

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Sir Neal has coached athletes to Hour records so could certainly create a workout that paced you through it. Personally I think it’d have pretty limited appeal but that’s just my view from my hamster wheel. How about Long Scream twice with slightly reduced targets and a quick pause and rewind after the first 30min? I know a Knight (not me!!) that has done exactly that for similar reasons.

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And / or Thin Air. Get 35 mins through the main block and just rewind.

I’d def run that at below 100%. Be fun though.

This all reminds me of a feature I have asked fir in the past. A simple configurable rewind by ‘n’ minutes button … with that in place it would be a single button press to achieve this coincidentally …and no interruption

The mythical “repeat the last interval” button would work with Long Scream, the interval being 30 minutes. I’d be so %^&*ed if I hit that by mistake!

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I’d love a one hour “ftp” video since I am training for an hour record.

That could be a cool feature with having an ‘hour record-video’ where you just follow a cyclist going for an hour on the velodrome. But, honestly, I don’t see myself ever riding that workout.

If you really want an hour FTP workout in ERG mode, you could start an Open 60 and up the intensity until you get to your current FTP?

Just reading about Alex Dowsett’s 2015 hour record attempt. His plan was to ride an even pace for the first 45 mins and then accelerate for the last 15 mins, sometimes out of the saddle. Campenaerts strategy was a bit different. He went harder over the first 30 mins and then dialled it back and held on to the end.

I think for most people a negative splits strategy would work best to minimise the risk of simply blowing up. You can always push on at the end, but if you go too hard early on then you will almost certainly fail. So if there was a 1 hour max effort ERG video, it would probably start out just below threshold and gradually ramp up toward the end, probably finishing slightly above threshold. It would require very fresh legs and high motivation to complete!

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Sir Neal covers pacing including some Hour record analysis here

You could also take one of the “inspiration “ series that are a tad over an hour and dial up the intensity after you are properly warned up. They have some variation in them.

Reflecting in what you said here: I think what I miss is A) an indicator that tells me the average power output excluding the warm-up and cool-down phase. If that would be available, ist wouldn’t matter whether the workout inbetween takes 50, 55 or 65 minutes. An B) some ideas for workouts that focus in sustained effort.
And no, I dont want to constantly adjust Erg Level.

I use a head unit concurrently for exactly that. I.e. to see my NP or lap power during different efforts.

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By head unit you mean a cycling Computer that connects with the trainer?
Thats an interesting idea. I could start/stop my Garmin accordingly.

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