Wahoo iOS fitness app

I use the Apple iOS Wahoo fitness app for training on my bike. Does this app allow 3 or 10 second averaging of the power meter data? I want to smooth out the power data. Thanks

Yes there is a power smoothing option in the settings section. Once you load up a workout to ride, click on the gear icon over on the right at the top, go into settings and tab down and make sure the power smoothing option is blue. There isn’t a time delay etc, just on or off

I think @ozmadman is explaining power smoothing in SYSTM.

If you’re using the Wahoo Fitness app, I don’t see a way to display 3 sec power (although I also don’t know whether that’s what they already display). Are you using that app and your phone outdoors or for indoor training.

I prefer straight power metrics. Otherwise the time lag on changes in effort gets confusing. Outdoors, slight variation in terrain or wind can cause significant power changes. But it’s also good to work on pedaling form to smooth it out as best you can.

it would be great if the Wahoo fitness app was also upgraded to receive outdoor workouts like Elemnt computers.
I only use iPhone on my bike for my rides with the Wahoo Fitness app, and if that too syncs my planned workouts in Systm, that would be great.

do you know if this wahoo fitness upgrade is planned?

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