Tacx Flux 2


Just purchased first smart trainer and went for the Flux 2 - I’m struggling with power drops however, in both ERG and slope mode… I have tried to hold consistent power and cadence at 300 watts in both ERG and Slope mode, and in both situations power repeatedly / regularly drops 20/30 watts then goes back up again, resulting in a jagged teeth power profile. Contacted Garmin awaiting a response. I wondered if anyone has had any similar experiences and had any solutions?

Hi there, there’s another thread in the forum called “Resistance rolling off targets” and a number of Tacx Flux users in there have reported similar issues, including myself.

I updated my trainer firmware, and uninstalled/reinstalled the app and the issue has gone away for me. Hope that helps.

If you’re unsure up to check and update your trainer firmware, just let me know, I can help you get that sorted :+1:


Actually let me ammend that. Resistance still dropping off at higher power targets. My cadence is rock steady and am in erg and no other BT connected except my HRM. I’ll connect that in ant+ and see if that helps.

Hi have you used the diagnostic app from Tacx? updated to latest firmware…? @Wheresthefishies how are you connecting ANT+ or BT? I used to have connection via ANT+ and had some power issues with my Neo, but I changed to BT and no more problems ever again.

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Thanks. Will be interesting if ant+ works better.

No idea tbh if it’s Bluetooth or ant+. It’s an iPad so assumed Bluetooth. Will look at diagnostic app but I thought they’re just amalgamating things into the Tacx training app, and getting rid of the diagnostic app.

Ah! yes indeed if on ipad it’s BT as ANT+ is not possible.

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I seem to have the same issue with a Flux using iPad with BT. Power is all over the place as per the screenshot from the Half Monty. Any suggestions how to fix this?

If you haven’t already, completely deinstall SYSTM and then download and install it again. That doesn’t always work, but it’s easy and often does.

I’ve also had this issue and FINALLY resolved it but switching out my BLTE mouse and keyboard for good old fashioned wired ones. Problem solved.

I was advised by wahoo that it was a compatibility issue with tax flu 2 and SYSTM that they were looking into. I returned the tax and got a kickr. No problems now