ToS Power smoothing follow-up

So to recap: while tinkering mid-ToS, I realized that power smoothing through my Wahoo Kickr Snap and the Sufferfest app was really presenting me with a false sense of confidence in my cadence and stroke. I decided “never again” and haven’t looked back. The last couple of stages, and the couple weeks since, I’ve been using raw power plots to focus on improving my long-lost smooth pedal stroke.

Did Primers this morning in prep for tomorrow’s FF in the post-ToS recovery plan. Fourth time I’ve done Primers since getting my (Sufferlandrian) passport. Ran it in level mode, no smoothing, to practice some gearing and efforts for FF tomorrow.


Not as easy to see as in the actual ride feed (any way to recover in-ride feed?), but I’m really pleased with my progress in smoothing out my power output.

:+1: :+1: :+1:


That‘s a great initiative and an impressive result, Ian. Congratulations!

I absolutely agree that power smoothing is killing the feel for what‘s really going on. Good call on disabling it.


FF today, I thought the warm up was unusually easy, I completely forgot about the changing gear bit

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