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Hi there! I realize this is a longshot, but I recently moved to Italy and currently am using a transformer for the conversion of power but was hoping maybe someone had luck in buying the actual power cord with the European 220 socket. Just trying to figure out the best way to provide power to the trainer without the transformer. Thank you!!

I’m a bit confused by your question.

Moved to Italy from where?

What trainer do you have? Doesn’t the trainer itself come with a transformer between the mains and the actual trainer?

Can you show a picture of your setup to help clarify what you’re trying to achieve?

you can usually buy power cords at any DIY or electr(on)ic supply store

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I need a cord with the 220 plug end if that helps.

As @IsiSchneider_KoS wrote, you should definitely be able to simply buy a mains-to-transformer cable at your local hardware store.

The transformer should be able to handle the difference in voltage and frequency.

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It looks like you need a Type C to IEC C13 cable. The Wahoo transformer will work with both 110 V and 220 V inputs.

This link is to a US site selling the cable you need: https://www.europlugs.com/shop/iec_c13/c13-109c/

As others have said, a local hardware store or other electrical supply store should be able to sell what you need. Computer stores will often carry this type of cable, as many computer components use the C13/C14 cable connector.

You need a plug adapter, not a whole cable (although you can buy a cable if you want—plug adapters are cheaper). Do not confuse 220V with European. Most of the world uses 220V (not the US), but there are loads of different plug standards. Italy does NOT conform to the usual European plug standard, although some (not all) of their plugs are mutually compatible with the European usuals. See link below for a map and list of plug types. You can purchase plug adapters on Amazon or elsewhere, you just need to know which type you need.

Plug types by country

Hi Rachael,

It would appear that you should be able to go to a local hardware store and ask for an adapter that will allow the male end of your Wahoo cord to adapt to the local wall socket. The Wahoo transformer can take both 110 and 220 and the output to the KickR will be proper in either case. It’s marked that way on the unit.
Bring it to the shop with you, if you want confirmation. Show them the label.

— Joe

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