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I’m wondering is there a way to download a workout from SYSTM directly to your wahoo ELEMNT so that you can go and do the training outside.?

According to DC Rainmaker and comments in this forum this is coming to wahoo and probably other Headunits by spring 2022.

As noted earlier, there’s no outside rides today. There are outside runs, yes, but no outside equivalents to any of the workouts. Given it’s designed to be a comprehensive training platform, Wahoo says they understand the need/desire to eventually ride a bike outside. By the end of the year you’ll start to see outside rides within the app (so basically, structured workouts designed for outside).

But those won’t sync to your bike computer yet. That’ll come by spring 2022 (northern hemisphere). Wahoo says that won’t be limited to the Wahoo bike computers, though it might be limited functionality on other units. For example on a Wahoo unit you’ll get 4DP zones, but they said that likely won’t happen on other hardware platforms.


Cheers Thomas

Hopefully it comes soon

Not for the SYSTM rides that you and I know of. There’s a good reason for that. However, those events marked as ‘Outside’ they will. You will also gain the ability to upload rides you completed outside because the weather was fabulous that day to SYSTM. One of the things constantly commented on by the Wahoo Fitness Team is the inability to reconstruct the ability to vary conditions in an outdoor setting to replicate an indoor training setup.