Printing Full Frontal Results

I just finished the Full Frontal…First time through it…damn…

I would like to know if there is a way that the app will allow for printing the activity results. I tried sending to myself, but that did not work either. I am looking to print all the graphs-cadence-power-etc along with the half moon graphic…basically all the data. If i missed where to do this, can you let me know. If it is not available, could we get it adjusted to allow it?

First congrats on getting your first FF done. Fun times hey? :rofl:

As to your question, all you can do is take screen shots atm. Printing is not possible in the app. You wouldn’t get the half moon thingy but you could print the results from Strava (or export as a PDF and print) or do something similar from

I’ve also moved your topic to Feature Requests.

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Thanks. Its too bad and I hope that add it. It should be simple fix

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Out of curiosity, can I ask why you’d want to print it?

Just want to have a reference point that is quick to access. Also when you share the data as it is now, it lacks a lot of the overall stuff like graphs etc.

I sorta see what you’re saying but the app does give you a history of the results of your fitness tests in the app, and you can compare them a bit right there. I dont disagree with you though and the old SUF app actually had a little graph on your results page that showed how much your results varied (went up of course :wink: ) from the last time you did it. I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say

Where are you sharing it and what are you missing? Eg. On Strava and all the graphs are there (except for the half-moon thing)

There is no question that SYSTM can improve on how they serve up your data but the Fitness Test History (once you have one) is pretty cool and allows you to compare, at a glance, your prior tests. Here’s a few of the FF’s I’ve done:

If you click on any one of them in the app, all the details are there (HR, Power, Cadence, Speed and the half moon thing)

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