Printing the training plan calendar?


Is there a way to print the training plan calendar once filled?



Hi there,
AFAIK not directly, I make a “screenshot” of it, and print it.
Only way I have been able to do it!


There isn’t a way to print it at this time :frowning:

I use Chrome and use the addon gofullpage **GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture - Chrome Web Store ** this prints the whole month at a time, well to a PDF so you can print it

In Chrome use file/print and then:

  • Set the layout to “Landscape”
  • Go to “more settings”
  • Set the Paper to the needed format (Letter, A4 - whatever your printer is using)
  • Set the Scale to “Customized”
  • Set the Scale to 60%

This fits four weeks on a page.

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