Pro rides Santos erg mode

Hi just did the Pro women’s Santos stage 3 ride. We are encouraged to do the ride in ERG Mode, small gear/big cog and to keep the cadence as steady as possible. All trainers have some lag when the tempo/power requirements change, some more than others but with this ride there are so many very quick changes (a few seconds sometimes) that surely no trainer can keep up with those properly. I have a Direto trainer and found I couldn’t hit the power requirements for any changes that lasted less than say 6-10 seconds, and there are literally loads in this ride, before dropping down again, then up for a few seconds then down again etc. I just felt I was playing catch up (excuse the pun) all the time. I loved the interaction, the instructions from the race car and listening to the chit chat etc, was just like being there but is this an expected normal with this kind of ride? thanks

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I use a Kickr and typically it’s very good at keeping up with ProRide power changes.
Additionally, for ProRides you don’t need to ride a “steady cadence”, for these sessions you can ride far more dynamically, however feels right for you.

Can I check, though, you say “small gear/big cog”, you mean small chainring at the front and big cog on the cassette at the back, right? Because that is the optimum setting for rides with lots of power changes as it leads to the lowest flywheel speed, which makes it easier for the system to adjust power.
Large ring, small cassette cog is good for constant power output as it makes power drift less likely, but is awful for fast power changes.
Just wanted to make sure you’ve got this the right way round :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks… small chain ring/big cog on the cassette. Just following the instructions for Pro rides…

" The Smart Trainer Experience
This ride is best experienced in ERG mode. We recommend the following for best trainer response:

  • small ring X big cog for gearing.

  • no shifting gears

  • keep the cadence steady and relaxed.

You will notice that there are no cadence targets though! If you’ve read the A Guide to using ERG mode, you might find that this contradicts the instructions for ERG mode. Rest assured, it does not! You’ll want to keep your cadence steady and comfortable. This is your chance to ride at your preferred cadence. Due to the race atmosphere, you might find yourself spinning a little faster than you normally would. Just keep calm, stay steady and focused, listen to the DS, and enjoy the race!"

How are you connecting to your trainer?
In my instance, I find that ERG interval changes are massively faster if I’m connected by BT instead of ANT+

While you’re using ERG mode, it is still possible to use your gears to alter cadence; if you need to up cadence shift to an easier gear, then back again for a lower cadence. It won’t give a smooth power output and will take a few seconds to settle after the gear change so might not be worth if for very short sections. For the Pro Rides I’d be more tempted to ride with the spirit of it, rather than worry about hitting the targets exactly.

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BT and more often that not I loose my HRM connection but that is another issue!!

Yeah, think that should be the plan… cheers. Just seems strange that on any other workout where there are rapid changes it is suggested to do them in level mode yet these pro ones where the changes are even faster and more frequent we are told to stay in ERG mode??