ProRides: Giro d'Italia Donne 1 out of sync

Hi there! I opened this specific ProRide and skipped through it to see what it was all about. Something seemed off; the power didn’t line up w/ the video and on screen instructions. I skipped all the way to the end and the final sprint in the workout starts after the racer has crossed the finish line - can anyone else reproduce this? I checked the other ProRide videos and they are pretty much spot on.

To summarize the issue:

  • Power doesn’t stay in sync with the video and seems to get progressively worse
  • The onscreen instructions (Surge, Freewheel etc) do appear to stay in sync w/ the video

Yep, I’m seeing this too. I’ll bring this to the team and update you here once it’s been fixed. If you’ve downloaded the workout, you’ll need to relaunch the app and download the updated workout once it’s ready.

Sorry if this puts a dent in your plans - may I suggest ProRide Hammer Climb 1 in lieu? I checked on the timings, they look good/correct.

[UPDATE] - All sorted now @Mike.O


This is fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.


TEAMS on :fire::fire::fire:

Thanks, y’all! :mechanical_arm:

I just had a similar issue with Strade Bianchi 1.

  • The video is in synch with the power targets
  • the Kickr climb and gradient changes are in sync with the video

However, the actual power (below the target) is delayed. The kickr is actually changing resistance in time with the target but the readout of what I’m actually doing is delayed. Cadence is also delayed and I suspect speed too.

I stopped after 30 mins and paused and disconnected my kickr from power. I had to wait about 12 seconds after pausing/disconnecting for the current power to go down to zero and then a further 30 seconds for the current speed to go down to zero (it was going down really slowly even though the kicker was disconnected from power.

When I reconnected and got back on everything was in sync again for about 2 mins then the delay came back.

The delay varies between 8 and 20 seconds. I tried using different gear combos on the kickr to see if there is a correlation between flywheel speed and the delay but I could notice any correlation.

I’m using screen mirrorin from a MacBook Pro to an Apple TV 4K and I connect to kickr via BT (from MBP). I’m using ERG mode.