Putting HM into post ToS plan

I’m on the post ToS plan, today is a rest day, cadence builds tomorrow followed by Igniter and Micro Intervals: 3 sets 10 x 20s on Wednesday - I guess the same as a lot of other people - I’m just wondering if it would be useful to substitute the 10x20 for Half Monty to help pace FF later in the week? (It also means I can get out at the weekend if the weather is nice :slightly_smiling_face:)

Up to you, only you know how you recover but I’d suggest that you’re going to fatigue yourself going 100% on the HM and so will reduce your results from the FF as you won’t have recovered.

Plus, who wants to do 2 tests in one week!

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Last time I did the HM / FF double, I definitely was overcooked for FF. So, this time I’m going to try to take it a bit easier this week before FF. (he says after doing a 9km TT race, today).

Mine you, Igniter and 3 sets 10 x 20s doesn’t look like an easy option!