Scheduled Half Monty

I’m following the TT plan at the moment. By the plan I’m due Half Monty on Sunday, but have a TT scheduled for that day. I do feel I need to do HM though as workouts are feeling a bit easier and my heart rate for workouts is a little lower than expected, so I was thinking of putting HM in next week. On the books I have:
Monday - Cadence Builds and Holds
Tuesday - Rest (strength training)
Wednesday - Attacker and Open 60
Thursday - A Thin White Line
Friday - Rest (strength training)
Saturday - ISLAGIATT
Sunday - Tempo 4 x 12

So which would be best to substitute for HM? I’m reluctant to swap Attacker due to the losing the training impulse, but swapping for Cadence Builds and Holds doesn’t seem right either?

Also, as the weather is improving, if I was to take ISLAGIATT outside, what would be a good workout to load onto the Elemnt Bolt as a replacement?

@TTDragon ,
Without knowing more info, you could do HM on Saturday, then do an easy 1h endurance effort either indoors or outdoors (scrap ISLAGIATT) then on Sunday do your Tempo ride either indoors or outdoors. Or you could do it Friday before strength and take Thursday as a rest day.
Hindsight being what it is, I would’ve rather had you do HM earlier this week, no worries though you can still get it done.


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Thanks @Coach.Spencer.R. I never really considered doing HM this week as I was trying to concentrate on recovery before this weekends race. I’ll see how I feel through the coming week and whether Friday or Saturday will work best for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Coach.Spencer.R
I have the same situation approaching again with a recovery week preceding a TT. By the plan I would have a Half Monty scheduled that day. Im now thinking of substituting Tapers for Half Monty during the recovery week. Would this be reasonable and better than deferring HM until after the TT?


I would suggest doing the half Monty after the TT week as a rest week should remain a rest week and you already have the time trial going. If this is something you would like to discuss further with any of our coaches you can book a call with the coach here. Or alternatively for future planning we are still offering the customised plans why are we tailor the training around the specific events that you have. The customised plans aren’t on the website anymore but if you contact wahoo coaching by email you can find out more

Sorry, here is the link to the customised plans

Thanks @Coach.Andy.T , I’ll have a look into it :+1:t2: