Scheduling Fitness Test

I’m just finishing a self prescribed 12 week block of endurance rides, with once weekly MAP and Threshold workouts. I’m feeling great on it, my zone 2 power has risen significantly over the winter months and threshold is feeling better too. Heart rate and RPE seems lower for a given power out put, and resting heart rate and HRV seem to be agreeing.

We’re off on a short break from tomorrow (Thursday) until Monday. Taking @Coach.Neal.H excellent advice that rest isn’t a four letter word :wink: I won’t be doing much whilst away except some light yoga and strength work, may be a short run.

I’m planning to go into the TT Plan next, but I feel I could do with a fitness test. Monday will be spent travelling so I’m unlikely to be able to do any training that day. I’m also busy on Wednesday, and Saturday I have an early season TT. The TT is not an A goal but I don’t want to skip it due to testing equipment, set up etc. It also forms part of a series which is a goal for this year. So my question is how should I schedule next week?

The TT plan has:

Monday - Cadence Builds & Yoga
Tuesday - Strength Training
Wednesday - GOAT & Yoga
Thursday - 1 Hour Endurance & Yoga
Friday - Strength
Saturday - Tempo Builds 3x7
Sunday - 1.5 hour Endurance

I think Thursday might be the day to do Half Monty, and may be swap Monday/Tuesday. Unfortunately I don’t have much choice but to skip Wednesday. The alternative is to delay the TT plan a week, and have a different schedule for this week. Open to any idea or advice. Thank you.

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You might consider swapping in the 7 day test prep plan that has a HM on day 3 and a FF on day 7 for those 7 days in your list. The day 3 HM sets suggested target for the FF on day 7 making it easier to pace. IMO, this gives the most solid test results, and it’s a very good week of workouts.


That’s a pretty good idea. I’d end up with my TT instead of FF but that would work well.