Question on ToS 50 hour window

This is my first ToS and I have a question about the 50 hour window to complete any ride. If I understand correctly, you can complete any ride within the 50 hour window for it to count for the tour.

The day starts 8 hours earlier than it does here in California. So I will use the first ride on Sunday to frame my question. That means I could start the ride as early as 4:00PM local time on Saturday and as late as 3:00PM on Monday to start and finish the first ride in the 50 hour window.

Assuming I have that correct, my question has to do with what I do, if anything, if I do a ride the day before or the day after the day it is on my calendar? If I do the first ride on Saturday night, do I have to move the ride on the calendar or just go to Sunday on the calendar and start it? Likewise, if I do the ride on Monday, do I move the ride a day on the calendar or just go back to Sunday on the calendar and start the ride?

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The idea is that you can complete the ride as long as it is the correct day of the ride somewhere in the world. The 50 hour window comes up because we have time zones that range from UTC+14 through to UTC-12. As a result, there is a 26 hour time difference between some places in the world. When you add the 24 hours in a day to that, we get the 50 hour SUF day.

California is on PST for the tour, or UTC-8. So for us here on the west coast of the US (I’m up in Oregon) each stage starts at 2am on the day before the ‘official’ stage day, and ends at 4am on the day after the ‘official’ stage day. So the SUF day actually starts 22 hours early in PST, and ends 4 hours after midnight.

So to use your example, for the Stage 1 of the ToS (Stage 1: Giro d’Italia Donne 1), it starts at 0000/midnight on Sunday Feb 27 in Kiribati (UTC+14), which will be 0200/2:00am on Saturday Feb 26 in California, and ends at 0000/midnight on Feb 28 in UTC-12, which is 0400/4:00am on Monday Feb 28 in California.

A short way of saying this is that for those of us in the Americas, generally we can do the stage on the calendar day before it is scheduled, or on the actual day, and we’ll be within the 50 hour window.

I realize that’s potentially kind of confusing. There are usually countdown timers available that give you information about when each stage opens and closes. Those tell you how many hours or minutes until a stage opens or closes, and take into account all of the time zone weirdness issues. I’m sure we’ll get some notification about where we can see these timers in the leadup to the tour.

There’s a bit more explanation here: Although I just noticed that they have the + and - signs inverted from how they are normally used to indicate offsets from GMT/UTC. But it still gives the right idea of how it works.

A short note on UTC-12: nowhere inhabited (as far as I know) uses this time zone, but the uninhabited Baker Island and Howland Island do.


It makes no difference to the Tour - it will record that you did the stage inside the 50 hour window.

The app may not show the workout as green, though, if you don’t move it, but will show it as a completed workout on the local day you did it.

Apparently this is important to some people.


This! So say you didn’t move it, don’t worry that the calendar didn’t go green.


I missed answering this question in my original post. @titanicus has answered it well. Move the workout if you want it to show up green in your calendar, but it won’t affect your eligibility for the tour.

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I don’t really care if the calendar shows the ride as green or purple w/yellow stripes. As long as it gets recorded inside the time requirements.

Thanks to all!


Enjoy the tour, see you on the start line!! :slight_smile: