Tour and Time Zones

I’m looking at the countdown timer, and it seems to me that I can begin the Tour on the 13th at 5AM. I’m in the Eastern time zone (GMT - 05:00). Am I correct?

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The “day” of the Tour lasts wherever it is that day on the Earth. In essence you have a fifty hour window to ride your daily ride. The EST time you mentioned is when Sunday starts at the International Date Line.

Are there any Sufferlandrians further east than New Zealand?

This is a really nice map that shows all the world time zones.

Kiribati includes an area of UTC+14, and some of the US Pacific Ocean islands are UTC-12.

It would be interesting to know who is in the earliest and latest time zones.


There haven’t been too many starting before NZ. However, the Americans on the west coast can kick off at midnight NZ time when we’re fast asleep and really get a jump on the proceedings


Just wandering if the Timetable is right or wrong, since officially, if the start date is the 14th of february, how come I see the 13th of february as the start date in Paris, London time zone?


Nice map, but what is the earliest day and time I can start in the eastern US time zone?



It starts on the 14th at the International Date Line.

You can ride when it is that day anywhere in the world. It does not matter what the date is where you are so long as it is the 14th somewhere in the world.

The same is true for the other days of the tour - you have a 50 hour window to ride.

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Hi @willie53

The way I usually work it out is to sign up to the ToS challenge on the SUF website:

Once you’ve done that (you need to be logged in first), you’ll see something like this:

Clicking on ‘See Progress’ gives you information about the start time for each stage:

Based on the time until a stage opens, you can work out what that is in your local time.


That’s because it’s still the 13th in the rest of the world when Kiribati ticks over to 00:00 on the 14th.

Thanks for posting that timetable. I’d had a quick look for it, but couldn’t find it.

That’s correct.

Wondering if I can do stage 1 in reverse, cobbler then joyride. I like joyride a lot and want to end on a high note on the first day. Thoughts?

You could. But, no, you really can’t. Stick to the route…


Am wondering about this too as in my time zone I can commence at 10am on the 13th.

Sufferfest workouts have loaded into my calendar though for Sunday 14th. Would have thought it could have taken this into account and adjusted in the calendar. Its kinda weird is all,

Although in your time zone you could also start before noon on the 15th. Not getting how the plan calendar could predict which of the three days you’re actually going to use for the ride…

Fair point. As a TOS newbie was wondering if I just had all the timing right and wanted to be sure I got timing window right is all.

The ToS “challenge page” is a good place for keeping track of the timings and making sure you do the workout on the right “day”. For UK, as you noticed, the 50 hour SUF day runs from 10am day before to noon day after. The Sufferfest

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Given the relatively generous time windows, I had considered front loading the first few days and back loading the last few…

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I’m thinking the same - it could let me do 3 stages on a weekend days when I generally have more free time. It would result in a rest day during the week… can’t decide whether that’s ‘cheating’ or not?!

Was thinking about a rest day too but I know life can get in the way so plan is to start early an keep in going straight through and only break 1) if I have to for some unforeseen reason or 2) legs are shot and I ‘have to’ take that recovery break :grin: