Recommended plan for off season strength building

My season was cut short by an injury, but I have no more events planned and soon it will be winter anyway. Now that I’m almost fully recovered, I decided to really commit to an off-season plan that prioritizes building strength and improving my flexibility. I want to come back stronger and faster in the Spring.

From what I can tell, Systm’s strength plans (including the stand alone plans) are mainly geared towards in-season strength & endurance maintenance.

I’ve used the plans in conjunction with cycling plans and have been quite happy with them. Now I’m wondering if I should return to the gym to build up the muscle that I will refine in later phases of my training.

Is my interpretation correct? If not, what plan would provide the best progression to develop maximum strength over 12 - 20 weeks? Any recommendations?


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You can increase the weight in the Strength sessions which will assist in gaining strength and power from them although it will make the sessions more fatiguing and likely affect on bike training. But in the winter with no competition, it’s a good opportunity to increase the intensity of your Strength workouts without a negative impact on performance. Just be prepared that your legs may feel a bit heavy before some key SYSTM sessions so best to time the strength for a day or two before key workouts

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