Race Specific Training Plan + Strength

This is probably answered in an FAQ or other thread but my 2 minutes of searching didn’t find it so here I am.

In the old app I thought if you added strength to a plan it was more “off-season “ now with the ability to define race vs off-season we still have the option for strength. If I keep all other selections on a multi-sport plan the same but add strength are all the swim /bike/runs the same and strength is just additive? Or am I trading off some of that for strength time?

I know it should be the case but last year whenever I was busy strength was the first to go. Want to make sure I get in enough bike and run for my 70.3 this fall.


Its easy to check yourself
Open 2 tabs from the SYSTM homepage add trainng plan
create 2 plans one with strength and one without and go to preview plan to compare and hit view schedule
I did this when I was adding my last plan and the strength appears not be included in the volume calculation for all the combinations I tried.

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@PapaCarm I add strength year round including my in season race plans. If you haven’t incorporated it lately give yourself some time to adjust and consider the timing if you have a race coming up soon.

As @JGreengrass notes, you can run the plans with and without strength to see the differences. I believe that the overall bike volume adjusts when adding strength and also there is more careful ride pairing on days with strength - eg GOAT or a recovery ride after strength versus a HIIT ride.

I feel it the most after the leg workouts - while not a lot of reps, the single leg squats generally will impact me for a day or two after the workout.

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