Recovery time after FF

Is there a generally recommended (based on averages, similar to how all plans are designed, everyones different etc) time for recovery after FF day? @Coach.Spencer.R?

I don’t often hold back after FF as it’;s often a mental release after a week of reduced efforts/taper.

Just curious if this is hiding anywhere in our own plan/help stuff (I can’t find anything). We often provide guidance on prep, but wonder if it would be worth adding ‘post’ test guidance as well?

End of the day it’s not Nine Hammers after all

For me there ends up being four factors but unfortunately no one clear right answer.

One is that personally i tend to often need more recovery than others. In all my sports I’ve been able to dig deep–and often would go faster than my teammates–but they were ready to go the next day and i’m not. So training load has always needed to be carefully balanced and FF is no exception.

Second is time of season. In the beginning i tend to need less (because I can’t go as hard), in the middle I need much more (because I can really bury myself but my resilience hasn’t caught up) and in the later season i need less again.

Third is an element of randomness. Sometimes even after a super-hard workout, I’m inexplicably ready to go the next day.

Fourth is, how does it fit in context. You could pick no rest or lots of rest depending on what your priorities are for your upcoming training. Like the day after FF you could do hours of tempo, do it again the next day, again the next day, and plan to take a full few days easy or off when you run out of steam; you’re hitting training priorities where you really don’t need to be fully recovered. Alternatively, if you’re working Vo2max the next few weeks, you probably want to be fully recovered.

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Hey Sir @Martin ,

As a general rule after FF, take 3 easy days…2 riding and one complete day off. On day 4 you can get in a hard effort.


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Thanks both - appreciated

My Garmin 520 said ‘3 days’ recovery after FF today - sounds like a couple of easy MTB rides are in order :grinning:

After my last FF I was raring to go 2 hours later, I was considering doing it again the following day to see if I could improve. I rested but next day I was walking as if I was auditioning for planet of the apes.As already advised, rest and make sure you are fresh for the next heavy training block

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Might explain what helped lead to my calf cramp this morning, cutting the planned 10+ k run a lot short.