Recovery Training Plan

We really need a post big event/race (400+ TSS) structured recovery training plan.
Doing nothing at all for two weeks doesn’t seem like a great idea.
Are there any plans in the works or something I could adapt?
I was thinking a two week recovery ending in a half monty in preparation for starting another training block.
I honestly feel these should be added automatically as an extension of an event preparation plan.
It’s common to feel deflated after completing a major goal and preferable to have something else after the event to settle into easily

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Have you looked at the Session - Transitions plan under General Fitness?


The only issue with that option is that it lasts for 6 weeks, however under the building blocks segment there is the option for a 3 week recovery block say after a tough key season event. You can adjust this by doing only the first week (only 2 hours with x4 sessions around 30min) and then go into a fitness test prep week, that should deliver what you want it to @simonjday