Training Plan Disaster - What next?

So my training plan got blown up. In the middle of the century training plan and real life intruded by sending me on two week long trips where no biking or exercise beyond short hikes was possible.

Looking for thoughts on what to do. I could:

  1. move the schedule of everything out two weeks and pick up like nothing had happened
  2. scrap the plan, redo my 4DP and start fresh
  3. finish up with a different 6 week plan
  4. ???

I assume those were two consecutive weeks you missed training.

You could try to do a Half-Monty and see how much fitness you have lost. You can then figure out if your existing fitness is still relatively on track for your century goals.

You can then decide which option makes sense. If you decide to resume, I would transition back in carefully.


Assuming your target event date is unchanged, you could just pick up the plan again 6 weeks from its end.You would have detrained a bit, but not much , not enough to go into panic training. Training plans do not turn into a disaster, they offer your body time to recharge and recover, an opportunity to re assess where you are and where you are going. The chance to come back stronger, with more resolve .In the past I have had training compromised, gone into the event relaxed thinking to treat it as a hard “training ride” then found I was flying on the day.


The date of the century was an arbitrary date I’d set to have a goal. I could move it rather easily at this point.

Half Monty sounds like a good idea.

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exactly, take heart, not a disaster at all. If you are concerned you’ve lost fitness, do a quick half monty ramp to see if it’s the case. And if you have, i bet you’ll gain it back super quick.

that’s assuming it ver was really gone. My understanding is that certain adaptations like blood plasma volume go away quickly but also come back quickly. So you might feel in the first few workouts like youve detrained and in a way you but you also haven’t and it bounces back right quick.

I’d go with Option 1. If you find you’re struggling with power targets, drop them by a couple of percent. I think you’ll recover any lost fitness quickly, and can get back to doing the workouts at 100%.