How Do I switch to an outdoor ride?

On the new training plans there’s not an opportunity to create a hybrid indoor/outdoor training plan like in Sufferfest. I’ve read some posts that say there is a way to convert or change the type of ride to outdoor instead, but I cannot find the option. I only see reschedule, delete or mark as done.

How do we take a ride outside with SYSTM?


To be a bit snarky: just ride outside. Less snarkilly: Many of the plans have long rides included with simple power profiles. Some, but not all, even say you can ride them outside—but of course you can ride anything outside if you want.

Weather permitting, I do most long, non-interval rides outside and most interval rides on the trainer. For me, the hardest thing about riding outside from a training compliance perspective is keeping easy rides easy. That was true when the rides were labeled as outside rides and when they aren’t formally so labeled. Partly, that’s because everything around me is hilly. But I love riding outside so I do what I can and just ride.

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Just do the workout outside, several of the workouts (the ones on the weekend) have this in their description

Although it worth noting that in the dc rainmaker article at the launch, Wahoo did say this functionality would not be limited to Wahoo devices

The weekend rides (assuming you start your plan on a Monday) are designed to be simple and thus able to be ridden indoors using the equivalent No Vid or outdoors by writing down, remembering or quickly building the intervals into your headunit. Very straightforward and no different to how it has been in SUF for over a year now.

Many of the classic SUFFERFEST videos are probably a dumb idea to attempt riding outside as the inevitable gradient changes, traffic lights and dumb drivers will stuff out your intervals. Those sessions are far too micro detailed and complex to attempt outside unless you have a pancake flat bicycle exclusive straight road with a steady headwind and no gusts.

I don’t know what bike computer you have but Google tends to be the best place to get the step by step instructions on how to build a workout. The SYSTM outdoor ones are super straight forward and should only take 5 minutes to create. Easy peasy. I have a Garmin so can either build them in Garmin or Training Peaks. My preference is Garmin

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I use TrainingPeaks which syncs flawlessly to my Wahoo Element Bolt. Plenty of easy options.

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Yep it’s super easy. Will be even better once it’s automated to our Head Units from the app. But no complaints from me

Hi Damelisa,

That’s what I recall is the weekend rides being no vid and usually fairly simple which worked out okay for transferring it to a head unit via training peaks. The weekend rides weren’t necessarily easy or recovery rides but they were simpler.

When I chose the all around plan this time, and started on a Monday, what it did was put very long complex and intense video rides on the weekends and a couple of no vid active recovery rides during the week.

Today’s weather was about 45 F, sunny and 15 to 25 mph winds so my 1:45 ride I did outside. SYSTM didn’t have a way to convert it to an outside ride so it just shows as incomplete or not done in the calendar.

Here’s hoping in future updates they’ll fix it or at least give it as much functionality as it used to have.

Thanks Pete,

I chose the snarky method and just rode outside.

Hi pedal monkey,

No such option on today’s planned Sunday training ride “blender” so I just rode an 1:45 outside.

@toddsdonald Me too. Sounds like the same weather here, with less wind, and I made the same choice.

For this and other reasons, I use Training Peaks and Strava (no good reason for both) for record keeping. SYSTM doesn’t really accommodate record keeping for outside rides or any non-SYSTM activity.

I do the same, even when systm does analysis of your outside rides, you will have your rides behind a paywall, so I like it in the Strava and TP, I also use for analysis of all rides, great little tool

If blender has been my ride for today, and I wanted to train outside, I would have just thrown something together in TP that looks a bit like it (10, 8 , 5 min threshold minutes, with 1 and 4 min threshold intervals in between), followed by some sprints, did revolver outside last week , was a great workout and got some power pb, but diid way more TSS, devil isn’t always in the detail

Do you need a special bike computer to build a ride? I love the idea of the equivalent training in an outdoor ride, but I have no understanding of how to ‘build a ride’. Can some one explain?

Just taken the essence of the indoor ride and do the same outside, so for Blender do 3 sub threshold blocks with 2 MAP blocks in between, then your pain shakes which are actually fairly straightforward outside before 3 final sub threshold efforts. If you’ve been tracking RPE for indoor sessions you could do all of those fairly easily without a power meter (you’ll almost certainly over cook the pain shakes initially though !)


Exactly what TTDragon says, you don’t need to make it any more complex than it needs to be, a lot of the small variations in a threshold block are to keep it interesting / make the variations more like what you automatically get when riding outside, simplest way is to write it down on a bit of tape and stick it to your stem, in some ways this is a good way as it allows you to adapt on the fly (I’ll wait until this bit of road to do this interval as it’s long and straight)

Garmin has a workout editor on their web site, Wahoo (I believe, never owned) and Karoo (currently use/love) take workouts from TrainingPeaks (free), which has a workout editor, I actually use TrainerDay (free … but I pay) which can import and export workouts

But like said about, you only need to follow the essence of the workout

Oh … and custom / outside workouts are both features that have been promised to be on the upcoing road map for Systm