Sync between ELEMNT and SYSTM not always ok


Yesterday I did a session from my SYSTM training schedule outside instead on the trainer.
I registered the session on my ELEMNT Bolt and it registered ok in the ELEMNT-app.
However, in the SYSTM-app, this session remains marked incomplete.
Is there any way to get this synced, so training calendar is up to date?

In the calendar drag the session to the activity you did, that should link them and mark it as completed.

Thank you.
But the strange thing is that my activity doesn’t even show up in the calendar as a separate activity.
It synced to the ELEMNT app and Strava allright, and even has the same name as the SYSTM-session there.
But in the SYSTM-calendar, it doesn’t show up.

Ah, that’s different. Since it happened yesterday I’d suggest opening a ticket[1] for Wahoo to investigate.