Request for new 15 and 30 minute no-vid Yoga sessions

Before I make what should be a simple request, I would like to compliment the folks at Wahoo/Sufferfest/SYSTM for their emphasis on a broad definition of training, including mobility and especially the stretching, alignment and improved proprioception that @abicarver’s yoga sessions develop. The yoga sessions are so consistent with modern sports medicine that when I went to Physical Therapy for a back problem last week, all of the exercises the therapists tried suggesting were already part of my rotation - we finally settled on 7 exercises, 5 of which were less-rigorous versions of what Abi already has us doing.

I like using SYSTM to keep track of my exercise consistency and progress in one place.

However, I have just had hand surgery, and there are only 6 or 7 yoga routines in the SYSTM library that I can do without bearing weight on it. If there were 15 and 30 minute no-vid yoga sessions in the library, I would be able to put together sessions doing what I can… or more likely, I would subscribe to so I could use the selection of more specialized sessions Abi has put together there.


I decided to create a workaround by using Total Newbie Yoga to indicate an external session… at 15:05 its length lines up with the (remarkably consistent) length of sessions at, so I can start it running silently in one window and run the session I am actually doing in a browser window. If I put the actual title of the session in the notes field, I can look at my history to figure out what changed should I experience a noticeable change for the better or worse.

This inspired me to finally try something similar for tracking non-SYSTM trainer workouts, in my case Fulgaz simulations. I am never going to do a 6 hour indoor ride. Even if I had the attention span, life doesn’t seem to want to give me six hours without an “emergency” of some sort, so I know that any no-vid 6-hour Endurance ride in my calendar is not what it says. So if I start Fulgaz on my computer, give it control of resistance and climb, and then start SYSTM on my phone taking recording cadence and power (and HR when i get a dual-channel BT monitor) for a 6-hour endurance ride. Stop them both when I’m done, and I have an accurate record of my training load in SYSTM. Of course, since Fulgaz numbers are sometimes suspicious (their Kcal burned numbers are just wrong), I also have been running a Garmin head unit to record the data, so I have 3 different datasets based on three different speed/distance measures - the Garmin uses what my KICKR Bike reports about the flywheel, SYSTM uses a power-based speed calculation, and Fulgaz uses very realistic calculations based on power and slope. So one ride, 3 different distances and speeds. That’s why we use power in designing training programs - it’s the same across all three measurement methods.