How about some longer yoga options

@sabassissore @abicarver
There’s been some interest in longer yoga options. Let’s see how wide the support is. Personally, I think this would be great.

  • I would love some longer yoga options (30 to 60 minutes) to be included in SYSTM
  • I’d never want to do more than 15 minutes of yoga and want to deny the opportunity to those who feel differently

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I also like the new Yin sessions for runners - happily doing these as a cyclist too. Could we have some cycling focused ones too?


I’m working my way through the yin runner sessions too. I’d love more and to have them categorized under more categories than just “runners”.


I voted for the second option cuz it was funny. I personally have precisely 15 minutes worth of Yoga tolerance. As for anyone else doing longer ones, knock yourselves out.

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