4DP, bad results - More rookie doubts -

More rookie doubts … :innocent:

Yesterday I did the 4DP Test, but since I usually use my trainer (Wahoo Core) in ERG mode, and to do this test I disconnected it (as indicated in the Test instructions), I had a lot of problems to adjust my power with the changes of the bike and to the power values ​​to be obtained. The final results were frankly unstable for this reason and you would have to repeat the Test to obtain more reliable data.
The point is that being a tough test, I do not like to perform too many tests of this type, especially when I already have fairly reliable recent data.
I have fairly reliable data on the parameters requested by the 4DP (recently obtained in other tests external to Systm).

I know that the “My profile” data can be entered manually, but these do not replace those obtained by the 4DP.
Is it possible to incorporate these data to replace the ones I have obtained through the 4DP Test?
Is it possible to edit the 4DP Test data in any way without having to repeat it?

P.S. I am very lazy having to do the 4 DP again … :hot_face:

When you say ‘disconnected’, do you mean you disabled ERG mode and set the trainer to Level mode. That is how I normally do the Full Frontal test. The trainer is still connected to SYSTM and reporting power, but the app is not controlling the power - that part is up to you.

Pacing the 5 minute and 20 minute tests is tough. We are all still learning how to get that right, no matter how many tests we’ve done. You’ll definitely be on a steep learning curve for the first couple of times.

Yes, you can go into your Profile (symbol in the top-left corner of the desktop app window, or More → Profile in a mobile app), select ‘Athlete Profile’ at the top, and then edit each of the numbers:

Click the Edit button

Type in your new number

This will update the 4DP numbers that the app will use for subsequent workouts.

You can’t edit the results of the test itself. But, as above, you can edit the numbers the app is using for your workouts.


Thanks for your answer ¡¡¡

Two comments:

Unfortunately I am not here to repeat this test too much, it is too stressful and it is like spending bullets shooting into the air, ha ha ha … :sweat_smile:

It seemed to me to read that the training plans are always adjusted by the program based on the result of the 4DP Test, even editing the data in my profile (which I already did).
If the adjustment of the plans, the application is carried out by the data incorporated in the profile, then I have no problem, since I know those quite precise metrics from other tests that I have carried out in other media. :ok_hand:

Thank you very much for the help

As @way9e0 says, your plan is based on the metrics that you can edit. The description that says it’s based on your 4dp is technically incorrect. That assumes you don’t edit them after a 4dp.

The 4dp Graphic lower down can’t be edited, and your rider profile can only be updated by a FF.

One trick to find a good FF is to do a few workouts on level the week before so you have a feel for the different tests and you can nail them.

Just jumping straight in from being in erg for ages will make it hard to guess the right levels.


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being so, my data serves me perfectly and I am calmer because of the plan that Systm proposes to me …

Thank you very much for your answer ¡¡¡ :ok_hand:

Agreed! The test is tough. However, you can also think of it as some quality training, so it’s not at all a wasted effort.

I’m not sure exactly how or if the current plans are customized based on your 4DP profile, and whether there is some variation in the workouts selected for a given plan based on your profile. For any given workout, the power targets will reflect the changes you make in your 4DP power numbers. So I’d feel comfortable updating the numbers, selecting a plan based on your objectives, and getting down to some solid training, knowing that the workout power targets should be valid for you, and that you’ll be following a well-structured plan.