Revolver Bangs/Revs/Brakes

Hi Team,
I did Revolver yesterday for the first time since we moved to SYSTM…and there were no bangs/brake sounds at the start and end of the 1min intervals.

Is this intentional? It’s really hard to do the work out like this, as my eyes are usually on my stem, not on the screen.


Probably a dumb question: are sound effects turned on in settings?

Yep…all turned on. Very odd. Video streaming and I hear Fluffy’s roars, the soundtrack, etc - just not the bangs/revs/brakes

Funnily enough I did Revolver last night and also didn’t have those particular sound effects.

Peculiar. I just tested Revolver on my iPhone and all the sound effects were there. I even tested with one airpod at a time to see if the sounds were on both channels. They were. If you are incredulous at my suffering, I did my tests in couchlandrian fashion—lying down, fast forwarding to the relevant bits, and deleting the “workout” when I was done.

I was streaming (not downloaded). If you were downloaded, maybe try downloading again? Or maybe try streaming to see if that works? Otherwise, I have no ideas.