Experiences updated RGT App

Today the RGT Update has been launched with lots of cool new features.

I had two problems during my ride today:

  • The track profile at the bottom of the screen was gone, I only saw some “menu buttons” (look behind, cam, etc.)
  • My heart rate sensor froze during the ride (the heart rate didn’t update anymore)

Anyone else had the same (or other) experiences?


Anton welcome to the forum. I did a RGT ride late in the evening yesterday but I don’t think my app updated. Thanks for the heads up, I will see what my experience is.

On the HRM issue, have you ever had any issues with that before? Often that can be a Ant+/Bluetooth issue and not an issue in the app. That seems to be the case more often for me when I have HRM issues.

No, never had problems with my heartrate sensor (polar) before!

On todays ride, all was fine. Heartrate sensor was probably an empty battery. Track profile was visible this time… And since I was probably the only one, this thread can be closed.

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@Anton Since you are the OP I believe you need to close the thread.

do non-admins have thread closing capacity on these forums?