RGT questions

Sorry if these seem like dumb questions but as a relatively new user, I would like to understand. If there is a guide that might answer these and other questions, pointing me in that direction would be helpful.

  1. There is a line under your ‘cyclist’ that both moves and changes colors. What is that and what to the colors represent?
  2. Sometimes your w/kg measure turns red. Why?
  3. Sometimes you watts turn red. Why?
  4. Some rides are multi laps. Is there a way to know that before you load it as a quick ride and the distance is 2x or more than you were expecting. Can you change it up or down before it loads?

Thanks in advance.

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There is some info re the coloured indicators on the Wahoo support site:

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It may well be my weary brain or the fact that I don’t use certain parts of RGT, but I am not sure I fully understand your question. Is this specifically regarding doing a Quick ride of a Magic Road? If so the you can definitely modify the number of laps if you set up an event (we which is fairly quick to do).

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Thanks for this. I am sure there is some good info in the Power Zone indicators that I am missing as none of the images will load. Tried multiple times. The drafting physics and other info clears a lot up for me.

Much appreciated.

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Yes, I was referring to Magic Roads that I loaded to do a Quick Ride. I add the MR to my library and, by way of example, it says the ride is 10 miles. I load it as a QR and it loads as a 20 mile ride (i.e. 2 laps). In this case, I am not setting up an EVENT, just a QR. Can it be modified before I load it as a QR?

I hope this is clearer. :thinking:

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Ah, I suspect they still might not have fixed the images. When I checked a month or so ago, the links for the images still hadn’t been redirected over from the old links to the RGT Atlassian support pages which have now been decommissioned. I will poke the support team as I opened a ticket on this.

The general gist is that the colours beside each rider in the rider list relate to what power zone they are on so you get an idea of how hard they are trying.

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You cannot modify a Quick Ride event. You can create a ‘normal’ event pretty quickly and using that full capability means you can choose the number of laps (for lapped courses) plus a load of other things like the number of bots, power of the bots, etc.


@Critmark you’re right about the Quick Ride doubling the distance & elevation :slight_smile:

When you select a magic road from your library it shows you the distance and elevation for that road next to the title. That detail comes from the gpx file that was uploaded to create it.
So for this example ‘Amstel Gold Loop’ (regardless if the ride is a loop, an out and back, or one direction only) the distance is 25 mi with 1667 ft of elevation. When looking at the graphical representation of the elevation profile, the ride starts and finishes at the same elevation, so it’s fair to assume this is a loop.

When clicking on ‘QUICK RIDE’ no options are given for changing the number of laps so the distance should be as described in the roads ‘DISTANCE’ value and not any different.

The ride can then be found in EVENTS under ‘REGISTERED’

OUCHEEEEEE :wink: OOOOOPS! IT IS THEN SHOWING 19 MI and 1122 FT - two laps!

The start line graphic also shows 19 miles and not 10!

I’m not going to say IMMEDIATELY that is wrong, but it certainly looks like it to me (Never say Never, Never say Definitely :wink: - it’s easy to get egg on your face :fried_egg::egg: :rofl:)

It says nothing about the ride distance for a QUICK RIDE being altered here:
Magic Roads – Wahoo Fitness Support

I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve spoken to my ‘oracle’ :wink:

@RGT-FB-Moderator thanks Tim. So I’m not crazy. Ok, that may be a stretch, but at least I am not the only one who has experienced this.

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Yes, you aren’t crazy or, at least, this isn’t evidence of you being crazy. I cannot comment on the rest of your life! :wink:

I wonder if the RGT software was designed to give you more than one lap by default for Quick Rides - being ‘helpful’.

Once you get used to the process for setting up a full ride it can be done in a matter of seconds, so it is worth giving that a go and seeing if that fulfils your needs.

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As @Robin-RGT-FB-mod says, I can’t vouch for the rest of your life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but when I tested this it certainly behaved as you described :slight_smile: I’ll come back with more info as soon as I/We get it :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean here by ‘setting up a full ride’. Are you referring to me submitting my own rides or something else?

He’s referring to seeing up a ride with “full options” / scheduled. Not using the quick ride option. So you can choose specifically the number of laps, bots and their power and type etc.

For example, setting up a ride using Create Event. You can do this via the website or the app.

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The Create Event process is fairly straightforward but feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Stuff like the bot config looks a bit complicated but offers a good level of customisation of the power ranges which might be handy if you want to practice drafting on the platform and you can ignore it if you don’t care.

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Thanks for the clarification. You were talking about creating an EVENT, which is not what I took from ‘setting up a full ride’ because I was referencing Quick Rides. I will try that BUT, it doesn’t really answer my original question.

When you have a Quick Ride code and it says XX Miles, how do I know until I try to do it that it is a multi lap ride at some multiple of XX miles?

I’ve found out some more info from the Wahoo RGT team which I’ll provide once I have fed some small people.

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Right, smaller family members have eaten and/or thrown food around the place.

The RGT team have said that, following user feedback regarding how Quick Ride used to work for short roads (eg 1 km loops), Quick Ride was modified so that it adds on extra loops until the ride length is 20km or more.

Sorry for any confusion. I had been referring to the Create Event / full event functionality purely because it is a way to create a ride where you are in control of the parameters.


For clarification, do they apply this to ALL rides under 20km or some other standard? I ask because the rides where this happened to me were all well over the 1km threshold.

I have never tried any ride approaching a distance as short as 1km. Didn’t see the point. Knowing this I guess I will have to load up some and see how long they actually are.

I was trying to remember a ride where this occurred. I just loaded Ayers Rock Road Route. In QR it is 7 miles, 12km. But when you load it the actual ride is 2 laps or 14.8 miles.

Hence the question, what is the cut off at which the program modifies the number of laps?