Wahoo X May Challenge - Pursuit of Pink!

May Challenge

Pursuit of Pink!

Grand Tour season is here! We have cultivated some of our best Italian workouts to make sure you feel at the heart of the race! Complete these 3 SYSTM workouts and take on the EF Pienza RGT challenge road to see how your times measure up to the pros in the timed segments!

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in May

How do I earn my SYSTM Badge?

We have created a training plan for you this month with all workouts on Mondays for the weeks of May: SYSTM

You can earn the badge in SYSTM by completing the 3 SYSTM workouts indoors during the month of May. If you do want to do these workouts outdoors on your Wahoo head unit, make sure you have SYSTM playing the workout in your backpocket to earn your credit!

All those who take part in the RGT component of this month’s challenge will have the chance to win a signed EF men’s and women’s team jersey, as well as some Wahoo swag - Bellissima!

Workouts for the May Challenge:

T’s & C’s of the EF Pienza Challenge on Wahoo RGT:

With both the men’s and women’s pro peloton headed to Italy across May and June - a region full of vast vistas, epic climbs, and great food - we are bringing the magic of Italy to you with the EF Pro Cycling Pienza Challenge on Wahoo RGT. From May 1 - May 31, ride 2 laps of our favorite Italian Real Road in Wahoo RGT for your chance to win a signed EF men’s and women’s team jersey, as well as some Wahoo swag - Bellissima!

Challenge Stefan de Bod and Letizia Borghesi from EF Education–EasyPost and EF Education-TIBCO-SVB in the timed segments and see if you can hang with the pros, Italian style. Don’t forget to gear up in your EF kit from the equipment tab!

EF Stefan de Bod and Letizia Borghesi have taken to the course and set the times:

Segment 1: Monticchiello (460m, 31.6m elevation)
Letizia Borghesi: 0:54.22
Stefan de Bod: 0:47.99

Segment 2: Pienza City Climb (1023m, 52.35m elevation)
Letizia Borghesi: 2:04.39
Stefan de Bod: 1:45.23

Don’t have a subscription to Wahoo RGT? No problem - you can still take part by signing up for a free trial. All those who take part will automatically be entered into our sweepstakes - buona fortuna!

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And the plan placed the workouts on a Sunday for me … ?

It’s not a problem - just thought it a little odd (plus Sundays suit me better).

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Done them all this year, great motivation for indoor all season and try something new. But I dont know about the RGT session. After Wahoo bought RGT I have opened the app some times, and do not like the user interface. But I will give it a try, guess that is what you want me to do :blush:

Can’t stand RGT and consider it the biggest waste of money that Wahoo has ever done.

Is there a way of not doing the RGT ride and replacing it with a proper training session.


@Rupert.H I am seeing Sunday workouts as well. Further, the links did not work for me.

I found the May Challenge plan under Partner Events in the training plans in case anyone else is having issues.

@Kolliboy The interface is definitely different than the one in SYSTM so there is a learning curve. There are lots of RGT experts in the forum and also on Facebook so reach out if you have any issues.


Same. I just slid them around to suit me though… and that’s good enough for me!


Thanks for the feedback on the plan, it was hard to schedule to suit everyone so we thought 1 a week was a good place to start vs 4 days in a row.

For RGT, if you need help with getting setup, check out this article: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4752354334610-RGT-Simple-Overview

Or please post in here and we will get you setup and through the workout :slight_smile: Easiest way to find it is to click on Events and it will be the first one showing on the list

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Are there specific times we have to ride the RGT workout? Can I schedule it to fit into my own schedule? Or do we have to ride specific group rides that are already scheduled?


@emacdoug You can ride the RGT route for this challenge anytime it suits you. As @Rupert.H wrote, just select the event and ride.


Same question.


It seems you still get a monthly badge without the RGT session, you just lose out on a second opportunity to win something from that challenge.


Harsh. I get it’s a little quirky early on in it’s use to understand what’s where, but, man, IMHO it’s better and better every release. Now, that said, I’m not trying to run it on my phone and I’m using an M1 MacBook and occasionally the Apple TV with the KICKR Bike so my experience may be ideal. I think it’s a pretty good product… it’s not Zwxxx but I like that about it.


This works for me. Never realized (or cared) that I could win something. I ride for the challenge.


Plugged it in for later this month - only my second round of RGT after the nToS Stelvio leg - looks pretty.


Can I just clarify something? on the “plan” it states that the challenge cannot be altered to start or finish at a different time. Based on what you said can I do the workouts, including the RGT one at any time I want as long as they fit within the May time frame?

Yeah… this “monthly challenge training plan” thing is just something new so you can get them automatically on your calendar. You can still do the monthly challenge just like before, knock them all out early, late, or spread out over the month.

The RGT challenge is an event that is running for the entirety of the month, so you can just drop in and do it anytime. I rode it last night.


Thanks for a clear explanation. I should realise by now that anything connected to Systm or RGT is never explained clearly (RGT especially)!!


I would expect no less from the minions. :smile:


Maybe a stupid question - but given one can change trainer difficulty in RGT, how are segment times compared like for like?

If I ride at 100% and suffer the climbs, and you ride at 10% while eating a donut but still faster - how do we know?

(Also, Giro 1 - brutal!)

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