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Is RGT supposed to control the resistance on my smart trainer? I’ve toggled ERG off and on and nothing changes. It finds my HR, speed and cadence sensors just fine and it finds the power meter of the smart trainer but resistance of the trainer never changes no matter the course.

Erg mode off for RGT to control the terrain resistance. Erg mode on for steady power target.

EricKnight of Sufferlandria - Sir Eric, check your Sensors page under Menu. Sounds like you have multiple options available regarding what Device will actually Control your ride resistance. You must select one and once selected you should get a green bar. I’ve provided my screen capture below showing I want the 37210 Fitness Equipment to Control the ride resistance, not the Wahoo Kickr 915A. Hope this helps.

Yep. I’ve tried both. Nothing changes. No terrain resistance (erg off) and no steady power (erg on):man_shrugging:t2:

Hey Rick, I don’t have the “Control” option that is showing in your picture. SUF never has supported my smart trainer for erg/resistance control and I have a feeling that this is going to be more of the same….”Sorry. We don’t support your $1,000” smart trainer.” Sigh….

Hi Eric, what trainer do you have?

CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Ant+ wheel on.

Most ant trainers are supported on rgt, some of the Bluetooth ones use proprietary language so are limited by what’s been integrated.
I believe cycleops chose to use a closed ant system which is why there is a bit of an issue connecting with it.
You probably already know this though… :smiley:

I was not aware of a “closed ant+ system”. What I do know is that Zwift and Rouvy both support my trainer for erg/resistance control. I was really hoping that with Wahoo acquiring SUF and now RGT that they would support it but it appears not.

That trainer was one of the earliest smart trainers. It came out 12+ years ago. My guess is that the ANT+ communication standards for control of smart trainers have changed/evolved significantly since then (if it even existed as a standard back then), such that it no longer conforms to what works for all the more recent and current smart trainers.

@Eric Here is what the website says:

CycleOps Pro 400, 410, 420 - These trainers use a proprietary ANT+ protocol. Newer CycleOps 420 versions use the open ANT+ communication standard and should be compatible with RGT. Users with these versions, please contact CycleOps and ask if there’s any firmware update available to make their trainer compatible with the open ANT+ standard.

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It’s possible that as more users join there may become a point where it becomes “valuable” to wahoo to explore integrating this trainer technology.
I’d certainly log it with support so they are aware of the need.
As @JSampson suggests it is also worthwhile contacting cycleops to see if any later firmware can be applied.

It shouldn’t matter how old it is plus my particular one isn’t 12+ years old. I know it’s not the “latest and greatest” but It’s still a smart trainer that works and is supported for Ant+ communication by Zwift and Rouvy and, IMHO, should be supported by the best indoor training platform out there.

Yep. I didn’t say it shouldn’t be supported. I was only offering a possible reason why it isn’t. As a subsequent post points out, Saris itself says it’s a proprietary (meaning non-standard and possibly secret) protocol, so accommodating it will take additional programming work applicable only to those few specific trainers. Ultimately, it is a business decision for Wahoo, as it was for Zwift and Rouvy (originally in cahoots with Cyclops/Saris), when they chose to support it, at a different time and under different circumstances.

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Sufferfest and by that way, Wahoo, have steadfastly REFUSED to support proprietary protocols since day one. I have a KKRM with the gen one inRide on it. I can only use the KK Fit program to read the device. Am I upset? Maybe. But I’m not going to go all out asking Wahoo to support it after about 10 years either. If I want to upgrade to a supported device, I’m going to have to shell out monies I plain don’t have. BTW, Zwift nor Rouvy don’t support this device either. I don’t expect it. Unless there are a lot of users with your device, I wouldn’t expect it either.

I know some of the kkrm machines did get integrated with RGT. Might be worth a try

interested or integrated? RGT supported many proprietary protocols and many people complained other programs didn’t. Depends on resources and where you want your product to go.

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