Since the latest RGT update

There are a couple of things that I noticed with the connections after the latest RGT update.
I have a Saris H3 trainer and a Garmin watch I use for. Before the change I would see both Bluetooth and ANT connections and the Garmin. Since the change I only see the Bluetooth devices, the ANT connections are no longer on the Sensors page and neither in the Garmin. I do have both selected at the top.

The strange thing is that if I do a workout in Systm, only the ANT options are available and the Garmin is also available. The connection box doesn’t scroll so there may be other options lower down the page that I can’t get to. Attempting to scroll brings up a set of 4 numbers that start at 100% and either increase or decrease when I try to scroll.

Another anomaly is that I no longer get sound from the videos. I still get the sound effects of the starting pistol, engine rev, etc but audio from the videos. I used to get sound and I have repeated some videos to check. I don’t think this is related to the update.

None of this is terrible. It;s just FYI.