Riding on the right hand side of road

Just got a roam v2 and did my first ride today. Loved it, made much more sense than my Garmin.

Anyway one problem I had was with the routing. I live in Switzerland and we drive on the right. The Roam seems to think we drive on the left. This means the route announcement, take the first exit at the next roundabout, is wrong. It’s not a big deal but i am interested in fixing it.

The route was made using the Swiss Schweizmobil app and sent as a gpx file to the Wahoo. Routes made this way are fine with the old Garmin I have.

I can’t find anything in the settings. Anyone got any ideas how to change this?

Many thanks

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And you are sure the route hos not been drawn as to take it the wrong way around?


Just checked, you are right! I would have thought the Swiss app knew which way round a roundabout to drive!



Exactly my thought!

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Strava doesn’t seem to understand roundabouts either.