“your route is loaded but is too long to generate turn by turn directions”

Hi all, I’ve just bought the Roam V2 and was planning on using it for the upcoming Pan Celtic Race.

The problem is that when I upload the beta route to the wahoo roam I am seeing the following message, “your route is loaded but is too long to generate turn by turn directions”.

Is there a workaround for this? The Garmin 1030plus I have doesn’t have this issue.

Identical experience yday with my 250km ride. My ride partner has a 1030 and her turn directions were chirruping all day long while my Roam V2 was silent …

I don’t have the V2 and have this same issue - support has let me know that that the Roam will not give turn by turn directions for any route over 200 km. Sadly it looks like that is still the case for the V2… With a head unit named “Roam” it’s hard to believe that it has this limitation.

Support also let me know that you should only have one map loaded (the state or province you’re riding) to free up space on the unit.

I had the same response, which is very confusing as I had a 210km ride loaded a while ago that worked just fine, in fact better than my ride partner’s Garmin 1030!

What I have not worked out yet is how to load sequential routes - ie, load and ride route segment 1, complete route 1 and then load and ride route segment 2 without finishing and storing in betwee. Have you worked this one out? I expect I am being very stupid :wink:

You just “end” the route from the map screen without ending the ride, then you can load a new route from the list on the unit. When you finally finish you end up with one long ride on Strava (or wherever) that covers both routes plus anything else you did before or after. I’ve done it many times on my V1 Roam