Wahoo Roam connecting to Garmin Rally RS 200 Pedals

Hi Folks,

I have purchased a pair of Garmin Rally Power Meter pedals.

When Connecting them to my Roam I can only get one side to connect, it doesnt seem to recognise both pedals.

any ideas?


Have you paired the Rally Pedals to the Garmin App?

I paired mine with about three Garmin Edge head units as well as the Garmin Connect App and recently switched to a ROAM V2 and everything works flawlessly

Hi Roland,

Yes however, I had to do it through my girlfriends iPhone, the Android based app wouldnt connect to the pedals.

Once connected to iOS version of Garmin Connect I updated to the lastest firmware (4.10) but the problem persists. Their are a number of people on the Garmin forums reporting similar issues.

So the Wahoo pairing seems to be additional, Im not sure how related to the 4.10 update it is though.

I have managed to get both to pair once, but it usually fails.

Do you happen to know which version of the firmware you have on your pedals?


I’ll try to look in the next few days when I’m near my bike

Looks like I’m still on 4.0

I had them on my main bike, whatever that was at the moment, but around new year’s I switched to a Quarq Spider Meter on my gravel bike to be able to use proper „snow resistant“ MTB Pedals so currently the RK200 sit in a box next to the Triathlon bike waiting for summer (or this weekend if the weather is nice)