Rival GPS mismatch

Having an issue that started with my rival last week.

The GPS distance on the main screen is basically showing either 0 or N/A or a fraction of a mile, both on runs and open water swims.

However the map view shows accurate routing of where I’ve been.

Any reason why the two would be basically taking the same input and showing totally different results?

Tried it on a short bike ride and it appeared to work fine, but now three runs and a swim have all been useless.

Have a triathlon next weekend and would like to know if there is something I should do ahead of that.

Did you get an answer to this? I am also getting this disconnect with GPS, pace, and distance. I have used the Rival watch since January, with no problems (except the optical HR, which I find too inaccurate to be useful). It was tracking rides and runs nicely, including showing pace and distance. A few days ago, at the start of a run, it buzzed to show I had a GPS signal, but as soon as I started the workout, it showed only n/a for pace and distance. The little map on the watchface showed my course as I ran, but no pace or distance data came through. The same happened the next day on a ride. I stopped the workout after a kilometre, started it again, and the same thing happened: n/a for speed and distance. This is in a country town, with decent GPS coverage, and on courses that the same watch was able to track up to a week ago (and my previous Polar always tracked). I have read all I can find on this, with no success. I am not running and riding through jungle, tunnels, between tall buildings, or miles from civilisation. These are open roads in a decently populated part of France. I’d love to find a solution to this, because it is deeply frustrating.

I never did. It just sort of works now. Sorry for not being more helpful.

Are you sure the GPS module has not crashed? This happens to me on a regular basis and the watch utilizes solely the acceleration data to calculate distance and speed.