Having a fair few Rival Issues

Hi All,
Hoping someone can direct me a bit with help on my Rival issues. I have inputted all the right data fields (Checked & Triple checked) but i am burning around 5000 calories a day (obviously not right). I’ve resetted everything rebooted uninstalled and re-installed several time. I’ve contacted support but still not got back to me. Unfortunately for me calories counting is something i really need to help my weight loss. I really want to keep the watch but am thinking maybe switching to Garmin.
Any help pleeeeeeease

Calorie burn estimation doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. Most systems and devices are very, very significantly off.

You’re better off simply estimating your required calorific intake in a day and then counting your consumption. You just can’t use a device to tell you what you’ve burned and expect it to be in any way accurate. It’s one of those numbers manufacturers include because people expect it, but they really shouldn’t.

In testing, trackers are typically off (and usually over-estimate, which is the worse direction) between 27-95%!!!

There is another thread in this forum, which I’ll edit the link in here when I find it, that should help you estimate your required intake daily. Work based off that and your intake instead, forget about calculating burn. Link: Estimate your minimum daily calorie intake - #14 by coach.jinger.g


Cheers Jon that’s a great help. So i would presume then take the average calories of a sedative day , my age, weight etc then add any workout calories on top.

Well worth reading the link in my response, but to all intents then yes, that is how it works.
The link includes means for you calculating an approximate “base metabolic rate” (your absolute minimum calorie intake) and then how to modify that based upon exercise levels.

Thanks for the help. Worked out and something to aim for. I suppose its a bit different to previous devices. Fit bit and Garmin have always been quite good with calorie, where the rival seems way off. I really do want to keep the Rival, just want to get the most out of it really

You’re welcome.

I would note that they’re also nonsense, maybe just more palatable nonsense :slight_smile:
The more sedate you are, the easier it is to calculate, but if you’re planning on actively exercising then you can only estimate your needs, not your burn in any meaningful manner.
A lot of these devices have been tested and while the HR accuracy is commendably good, the range of variables involved in calorific burn makes the number nothing but nonsense.

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Power meter based calorie burn is legit. There certainly are some variables, but it’s plenty close for dietary/nutrition management. HR based calorie burn is much more variable.

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Indeed. I probably ought to have added that caveat, but was making the assumption that as the other devices mentioned were Garmin and Fitbit that we’re discussing HR based only.

It’s worth @Velo101 knowing, though, because you’re absolutely right, if we know power input we can make a fairly clean guess at the energy expended.

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