RPM v Power at reduced intensity

Folks, quick query…

So Week 2 of Intermediate All Purpose Road plan, a few reduced intensity workouts (thank you, Grunter), I have a dumb Wattbike Pro to work with.

Today was Joyride with MAP at (I think) 30%, serious recovery stuff after Mini Blender yesterday. Essentially for me, 30% MAP is sitting circa 110W. As we know with Joyride, Dylan has the revs >90 the whole time…

For me on the Wattbike with resistance off completely, 90rpm is around 140W - when we get to sections of 110rpm, I’m running over 200W…

So my question is for this sort of session, what should my focus be? Spin the legs and don’t worry about the excess POWER? Or stick to the power target and don’t worry about the revs?

Cheers all!

Hey @davehartin,
Welcome to The Forum! For the reduced Joyride recovery ride focus on power. If you can keep your rpm somewhere between 80-90, you’ll be golden.


Sweet - that’s awesome - thanks a lot!

Right, I’m gonna ask the same question again only slightly different…

SUF Idol first time a couple of days ago. Couldn’t get the NM targets out at relatively low revs (90rpm, asking for 900W) in the first two sets, achieved them in the third set when requested revs>100rpm.

So same question really - where SUF Idol is concerned, is it more important to aim for the power target at low revs and not achieve it or increase the revs to be able to achieve the desired power?

I’ve a feeling it’s going to be the former but just wanted an expert to weigh in!

Thanks again!