Reduced Intensity

Hello everyone,
Quick question re the reduced intensity workouts and the cadence targets. Should cadence be ignored and the session run at “normal” road cadence. Some of the sections that would be high cadence and full power means I spin out at the reduced power targets.

@Carl_Brooks Which workout is at reduced intensity? Just curious as I was under the impression that most of those were replaced by inspiration videos.

Today’s session was Defender set to 60% MAP 75% FTP as part of the Hilly GF plan…I also had The Long Scream yesterday set at 44% FTP. Happens quite regularly on the longer plans.

Ok - treating those as recovery sessions at 90 rpm probably makes sense.

The latest version of the Hilly GF plan replaces all the reduced intensity workouts with inspiration videos. So you might want to delete your old plan and re-apply the newer one with the same end date. You can apply it before deleting your old plan to check how they compare. The latest plans also utilise the newest workouts like Attacker and Recharger, which are both great.

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